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RuPaul's New Music Video "Geronimo" Is A Twerking Masterclass From Hottie Julian Serrano

"Geronimo," the first single from RuPaul's new album Born Naked, is an explosive percussive homo-hop gem reminiscent of the cult-hit "Peanut Butter." Sure, Ru looks flawless (when does she not?) and the lyrical pop-cultural references are hilarious and punctuated by a hefty serving of camp  (Game of Thrones, Home Alone, to name a few), but Julian Serrano's incessant jaw-dropping twerking that steals the show. Julian's bouncing body-ody-ody is so hypnotizing, we completely quit smoking and lost 10 lbs. after watching this video between 13 and 18 times. 

Ru's Born Naked drops at midnight (a few hours after RuPaul's Drag Race Season 6 premieres on Logo). 

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guapote not know if Julian Serrano is leaving allies in this program is that this very handsome but internet only sale that actor allies

Julian is smoking hot. If you haven't seen his other twerk team vids then google him. Always love me some Ru BUT...the song isnt as catchy as Peanut Butter. 

My boyfriends name is Geronimo (I know, but he's Filipino). It's a very catchy song.

I agree with Squirrel. That boy is hot and Rupaul is fantastic! Haters gonna hate. 

I see the envious jealous haters who have asses two times as big as this hot boys and can barely move except to go to the fridge for more fudge are commenting that its pathetic and gross.  The boy is hot...definitely...the video and RuPaul are fantastic.

I don't get it.

hes gross


Well, now I'm hungry.

What an ass!!  Yummy. 


Your pathetic!!! Now shut up 

My pathetic?

i need his number

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