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Russell Crowe Denounces Boycott Of Hotels Owned By Anti-Gay Sultan Of Brunei

Oscar winning actor Russell Crowe has spoken out against the boycott of the Dorchester Collection hotels, which include the Beverly Hills Hotel, and are owned by the Sultan of Brunei. The Sultan has legally called for the death of gays by stoning

Crowe tweeted:

Crowe has since been on the receiving end of criticism and maintains that while he supports the LGBT community, he doesn't agree with the boycott tactic, again citing the cost to innocent staffers.

What's your take on his comments, Instincters?


Russell Crowe has opposed a boycott of brooklyn boutique hotel owned by the Sultan of Brunei, the man who introduced a law punishing gay people with death. Kardashians snub Beverly Hills hotel because the owner is the anti-gay Sultan of Brunei. this topic would change if the Brunei was executing Australian tourists. And i know Beverly Hills Hotel, and are owned by the Sultan of Brunei.


Wow Julianne Molly is one angry homosexual. It needs it bad. Then maybe the world will be a lil bit better. 

Those people working in the hotels are decent people. They work hard for their life. No body should feel obliged to boycott these hotels. Seriously, why would  any of us boycott these hotels just because a sultan decided to kill all gays and lesbians? He is doing us a favor. LGBT are all will be burnt in hell. We must stop this sickening culture for the sake of our childrens. And our future. Gays are sicked people. 

100% agree with you. Gays are sickening to my stomach. They should just killed themselves.

You are an idiot with too much time and hate on her hands. 

Yeah and just begin by killing yourself fat whore...

Yet he'll throw hardworking oil field laborers under the bus because they're not his friends?

Crowe's reasoning is self-contradictory. It is okay to boycott oil and trade but not a hotel chain.

why doesn't he get behind the fight and direct the protest directly to the head fuck.  If you work for that asshole, sucks to be you.

I've written an article in which I try to explain why Russell's point of view is wrong. The staff's job or earnings were never at risk, unlike the lives of the people in Brunei.

The same argument can be made for eating Chick-Fil-A, or drinking Stoli, or patronizing any number of other businesses with bigotry at the top of the food chain.  Bottom line is that my hard-earned dollars will not going into anti-gay pockets if I can do anything to help it.

He is an asshole he always has been an asshole and probably always will be

I see his point -, it's hard for the workers to make a living, however, working in the trade service myself, if the owner of my firm thought stoning people was an acceptable thing to do, in this day and age, I'd definitely find a new employer. Why on earth would you want to work for someone with those beliefs? There are always better people to work for....even in a tough market.

Gay people should die. The method of killing them may be varies not limited to stoning alone. Gays are sicked people they dont rule this world. They are like cancer. Stop them now or watch your son got fu cked in the arse by these gay perverts. Gay must die.

Well that is a thoughtless and stupid rant by a homophobic twit.

YOU must die fat whore

I agree with QnA.   

Hey Gay Mafia, maybe you should relocated the hotel employees to equally or better paying jobs... Use that power.  


Crowe is a douchebag.

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