Russia Arrests & Charges First Foreigners Under Disgusting Anti-Gay Law

A deplorable milestone has officially been met in Russia where the first foreigners to be arrested under the country's freshly-minted "anti-gay propaganda" law have been charged ... and released. 

Four Dutch filmmakers led by LGBT activist Kris van der Veen were apparently filming a documentary in the Russian city of Murmansk when they were taken into custody by police and charged with promoting gay culture. 

Apparently, the doc crew had asked a 17-year old his views on the fight for gay rights in the country, prompting their arrest according to the new (as of July 1) anti-gay law. 

Thankfully, due to a slip up, the four were released, though their camera footage was confiscated by police and the group was charged with a 3,000 rubles fine ($93). 

This marks the first arrest of tourists in Russia under the internationally criticized ban on anything that's not one man one woman sexuality in public. 

(Via Gay Star News)




It's a good thing that Russia has never been on my list of places where I want to go...

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