Russia Blocks Delivery Of Warwick Rowers Calendar

Russia has reportedly banned delivery of the 2018 Warwick Rowers charity calendar

Last year, the popular nude calendar helped raise a six figure sum for the group's Sports Allies charity, an organization which actively seeks to remove homophobia from sport, while promoting inclusivity.

Sadly, some fans of the Warwick Rowers will miss out on the latest calendar. 



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According to a report, customs officials in Russia seized a delivery of the charity calendar, refused it, and sent it back to the UK.

Warwick Rowers founder Angus Malcolm spoke of his disappointment regarding the matter.

He told PinkNews: 

"My heart goes out to the Rowers’ Russian fans, who are increasingly subjected to acts of hatred and discrimination that shouldn’t be tolerated in any society anywhere across the globe. 

“The fact Russian customs rejected our calendar is nothing compared to the suffering some LGBT+ people face every day, but it acts as a signifier of the wider problem.

“If they can’t cope with a few naked bums, then frankly that’s quite sad.”



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If you'd like to learn more about the Warwick Rowers 2018 calendar, click HERE.

As you well know, the political climate in Russia remains unkind for LGBT citizens.

We recently reported that anti-LGBT hate crimes in Russia have reportedly doubled since the institution of a ban on spreading “propaganda for non-traditional sexual relations.”




The Russian church and their government reinforce fear of homosexuality. Russian men are paranoid about their own impulses and thoughts.

Ignorance creates fear; fear causes hate and hate wants to destroy that it fears.

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