Russia Ends Investigation Of Chechnya's Alleged Anti-Gay Purge

This is heartless and vile!

According to advocacy group Human Rights First, Russia has already ceased its investigation of Chechnya's alleged brutal anti-gay purge. 

The Russian Embassy in Israel issued a letter saying that the Chechen Human Rights Council—a government aligned human rights body in the republic—and the Russian government found that “there are no victims of persecution, threats or violence," despite well-documented reports of these human rights abuses.

They continue:

Reports of the investigation’s conclusion and results were reported by the Israeli newspaper Haaretz on May 11, which published the letter from the Russian embassy to Israel, went on to report that Chechen law enforcement has not received any complaints of abuses.

“This so-called investigation is clearly a sham. The Russian government claims that there is no evidence of abuses in Chechnya. Try telling that to the gay and bisexual men fleeing the republic and seeking asylum elsewhere. Try telling that to those who mourn the three men murdered during this crisis,” said Human Rights First’s Shawn Gaylord. “If the authorities won’t take this matter seriously, then the international community must; we must demand the release of these men and accountability for those that perpetrated these terrible crimes.”

H/T: Attitude