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To Russia With (GAY) Love

Internet star Davey Wavey has summoned massive help from his international fan base to send this heartwarming message of global support to Russia's LGBT community. 

For more on what's going on in Russia, check out Instinct's regular reports here. 




nobody can't demand you to be dishonest with your own nature.. FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT NEVER GIVE UP don't be the victim don't CRY, never HIDE, bully the bullying and face up the homophobia let them know that you can be harsh,strong,smart and hard to defeat to humiliate. not just the straight men give good fights lets show the world that gay people is not weak. STOP BE THE VICTIM. LETS CHANGE THE WRONG IDEA ABOUT US (GAY PEOPLE). . 

It WILL get better.

My heart is with you.  You should not have to live in fear.  Many of us in the United States hate what is happening to you in Russia.  I pray you and we get through this time of hatred. 

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