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Russian 9th Grader Accused Of 'Gay Propaganda' After Coming Out

The Moscow Times is reporting this week that the first minor has been charged with spreading "gay propaganda" in Russia. The accusation was made after the ninth-grade female came out as LGBT.

The Moscow Times writes:

A ninth grader in the Bryansk region has become the first minor to be accused under Russia's anti-gay propaganda law, a news report said.

Last November a girl "openly declared herself to be a person of nontraditional sexual orientation," the local minors' commission said, reported. The town's location was not revealed to protect the girl's identity.

During this time, the girl "disseminated information aimed at forming a distorted picture among juveniles of the social equality of traditional and nontraditional sexual relations," the commission said.

As the girl did not sexually assault anyone, authorities decided that the criminal case against her would be dropped, though she will be placed under the supervision of the local juvenile commission.

How kind of them not to pursue a criminal case since she didn't sexually assault anyone!!

We have to wonder how Russian authorities plan to "protect the children" from other gay and bisexual children?

Apparently a minor proclaiming who they are is against the law now. Quite the conundrum. 


(H/T: The Gaily Grind)



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