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Russian Athletes Kiss On Championship Podium--Are They Defying Russia's Anti-Gay Laws?

Is this kiss the first official act of defiance on the international stage by Russian athletes against their nation's anti-LGBT laws?

CBC News reports:

Russian athletes Kseniya Ryzhova and Tatyana Firova shared a kiss on the winners' podium at Luzhniki stadium in Moscow on the weekend amid the controversy over their country's new anti-gay law.

The public display of affection was caught on camera Saturday after the pair won the women's 4X400 metres relay gold medal at the World Athletics Championships.

The move appears to violate a Russian law passed in June, banning gay and lesbian "propaganda."


The kiss is gaining traction in the media. Any insight into whether this is actually a statement of LGBT support or do Russian women (and/or men) generally exchange kisses in celebration or greeting?

Is this an act of protest or media hoopla, Instincters?


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Hummmm....difficult to know without asking Kseniya and Tatyana.  Let's put it this way: Context determines perspective, which shapes perception, which shapes experience, which shapes identity.  WE have a context that is different from those in Russia, and WE have an agenda that motivates us to interpret what we perceive in ways that give meaning to - ultimately - identity.  Let's find a way to appreciate the kiss in THEIR context; as something that fits THEIR identity.  The question remains, doesn't it?

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