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Russian Bill That Would Take Children Away From Gay Parents Is Withdrawn

Russian lawmaker Alexei Zhuravlyov's proposed bill that would take children away from LGBT parents in the country has been withdrawn, but celebrations may be premature.

BuzzFeed reports:

A bill that threatened to expand Russia’s crackdown on LGBT rights by stripping gay parents of their children has been withdrawn from consideration, a spokesperson for the parliamentarian who sponsored the bill said on Saturday.

The move came to light after LGBT rights activists noticed the bill had been noted as “withdrawn” on the website of the State Duma, Russia’s parliament. A spokesperson for Alexei Zhuravlyov, the far right MP who tabled the bill, later confirmed the move, but said it would be resubmitted after some changes were made.

“It’s being recalled for revision — certain legal formulations will be clarified, and then after some points are removed, it will be brought to the State Duma again,” Sofia Cherepanova, Zhuravlyov’s spokesperson, told RIA-Novosti, a state-run news agency. “We hope to pass the bill.”


Activists welcomed the move cautiously, with some predicting that it would be brought for consideration again once the global spotlight on Russia fades after the Olympics conclude. “Are they putting on a good face before a bad game?” one asked. “Let’s not relax.”

BuzzFeed notes that Elena Mizulina who sponsored the anti-gay propaganda law in Russia believes that the proposed bill to take children away from LGBT parents wouldn't pass even if brought to a vote.

That can provide a little comfort in the event that the bill returns to the table, but we agree, it's no time to relax. 

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I believe it is just a delay tactic and with how things are in Russia that it will be approved. LGBT activists and supporters around the world should head to Russia before the Olympics even start and force our Nations to protect their citizens against this attack on human rights

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