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Russian Court Charges Boy As Adult Based On Large Penis Size

Say what now?? As if things in Russia couldn't get any more bizarre, a 13-year-old boy is being charged as an adult by a Russian court based on his apparent large penis size. 

According to The Moscow Times:

A 13-year-old boy detained on suspicion of theft has become the subject of a biological dispute after a Russian court judged him old enough to be held legally accountable for his actions on the basis of his teeth and large genitals, a newspaper report said.

Tomas, a Hungarian national born in Ukraine, came to Moscow with his aunt in March and was arrested the same month after police accused him of stealing a mobile phone, a charge Tomas denies, newspaper Moskovsky Komsomolets reported Tuesday.

Following a medical examination of his teeth and genitals, prison doctors concluded that the boy was between 16 to 17 years old, allowing the court to judge him as an adult and put him behind bars.

However, Tomas' relatives say he was only 12 years old at the time of his arrest, a claim supported by his Ukrainian documentation, which was checked when he crossed the Russian border in March.

The boy's case is under review by the regional prison service according to the report.

How is this sort of examination even legal?? Shouldn't documentation of the boy's age prevent him from being subject to this sort of invasive search and examination? Unreal. 


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First of all David McWilliams, why the hell would they speak English in Russia? Secondly David, your entire statement and grammar state that you have no brain, you twat smear. Third, the boy, as a lot of people in Russia, especially immigrants, probably have no documentation of their age. Thus, the need for a medical examination. Fourth, anybody that watches Bel Ami porn knows those eastern Europeans are hung like a horse.

Russian men are jealous of that guy.  Women scream and love his giant penis.  LOL!!!

They should be shot. This child will be crushed in prison first of all if not raped. And secondly over his penis size I think the judge and doctors have penis envy. Assholes is what Russia is been run by. 

Why are they checking his dick anyway. 

Sounds like someone secretly was jealous and want to punish him more 

if ur gonna judge that way u can judge by his body hair 

even that would still be wrong but if he is 12 he wouldn't have much pubic hair 

either way they have no right doing this 

Listening to Yonce!

I think that Russia is Bloody Russia can't ever speak English & also those Bloody Russia Government has no brain!

I think that Russia is Bloody Russia can't ever speak English & also those Bloody Russia Government has no brian!

Sounds like someone was jealous the young dude 'overshadowed' them

What is wrong with Russia!? Why do they do things like this!? 

So... One can't hold a rainbow flag but the government is allowed to grope a kid's penis and base their sentence on that? Rigghhht

Spot on...

What would hapened if i had a small penis?

Hi Niall!!!! you`re right!!! it is not far away from that here he has a nick -Name Vladimir- Adolfo the 2nd

Not funny, but similar examination in UK on men from Pakistan would concluded they are 10-15 years YOUNGER, then in passports. 

I swear putin will be the next Hitler. How long until he starts the next world war?

Niall, judging by recent events....... It won't be too long before we are at war with the crazy Hilter-reincarnation.........

Well its Russia. What do you expect?

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