Russian Dudes Prank Chatroulette Users

One can probably find exceptionally polished dishes and shoes in the house of this Russian Chatroulette user, who's made a video out of all the pranks he's inflicted upon unwitting webchat partners...


I'm gay and think it's hilarious

well, a straight guyaint gunna wanna see a dude wankin off is he, lol. course they are shocked but thts the damn joke lighten up fellow gays 

People know what they're going to see when they go on chat roulette quit acting stupid. This guy is funny period. Fooled all of you. Ha!


Were we all watching the same video?? Most of the guys I saw in this video didn't seem to mind AT ALL what they 'thought' they were seeing.

Chat roulette is mostly str8 guys looking for women but women don't use those sites usually 

gays have our own site and apps to use 

chat roulette is for "str8" dudes 

omg get over yourselves, just because something's on a gay webpage doesn't mean it's always gay related. it's just a funny video! chill the fuck out.

To the two commenters before me, this is not at all homophobic....  Everyone knows when you go on a site like this it's full of guys jerking off.... and this guy is having fun with it.

Since everyone ASSUMES that's what's happening here....  then, when they find out it's not, they all think it's funny --  Their laughter isn't some form of RELIEF that nothing homosexual is going on....It's because it's creative and they were fooled!

Nothing wrong with a little humor.

An exceptionally homophobic video...

It still seems homophobic to me. Look at the faces of those people, you see the hate in their eyes and they all seem so relieved it's nothing homosexual happening. And the guys doing it seem pretty homophobic as well. 

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