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Russian Embassy Isn't Happy w/ UK Documentary Exposing Anti-Gay Terror In 'Hunted'

The Russian embassy isn't happy about Channel 4 in the UK's documentary, Hunted, highlighting the terrorizing of gays by the Russian anti-gay vigilante group Occupy Vigilante.

According to The Independent:

In a statement released yesterday, the embassy accused Channel 4 of producing Hunted in a "specially timed" manner to coincide with the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics, and said the programme "smacks of well-timed and cynical propaganda."

It went on to suggest that if the producers had sufficient evidence of prevalent gay hate crimes in Russia, they would not have waited until an international sporting event takes place to "raise the alarm".

The embassy continues:

"Channel 4’s documentary is not intended to help “suffering” gays in Russia", it said. “The documentary’s emotional appeal is misleading, since the film falls far short of the standards of professional journalistic investigation.

“One could have easily whipped up such 'documentary' about a hunting season on redheads in the UK saying that 'ginger' people face unmotivated verbal and physical abuse on a daily basis."

Are redheads being hunted and tortured in the UK? We weren't aware. Full disclosure, we love the gingers. Seek refuge here!!!

The Russian embassy statement concludes:

"There are, fortunately, media that take a balanced view of the situation, including Britain’s own experience of legislation on similar issue, i.e. Section 28.

"We’d like to refer the authors of this documentary, which meets the criteria of hate propaganda, to recent articles in the Guardian, the Sun and other newspapers. Maybe, enough is enough and exercise in ill will towards Russia could stop now that the Winter Olympics in Sochi have begun?"

Yes, now that the Olympics have begun, let's turn a blind eye to gay discrimination and persecution. Right???


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That was the biggest load of bollocks I've ever heard.

Fuck Russia

Still,  that Soviet and facsist thinking.

you hit the proverbial "nail on the head".   Although Russia is trying to move itself into the 21st Century it is having difficulty doing so since it is still trying to advance forward with an outdated communist philosophy.  Sadly, until they(the country as a whole and it's political leaders) update their philosophy they will continue to be viewed by the rest of the world as lacking in modern viewpoints and progressing forward to a more modernized Russia on every level.

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