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Russian Lawmaker: 'Don't Doubt That We Will' Take Children From LGBT Parents

Alexei Zhuravlev is the Russian lawmonster maker that introduced legislation that would take children away from LGBT parents in the country

Now he's elaborating on his views and their straight out of a horror movie. 

The New Civil Rights Movement reports:

Zhuravlev this week shared with Russian reporter Olga Pavlikova his stunning views on gay people and on “allowing” them to raise children.

“Homosexuals should not raise children,” Zhuravlev says, because they will “corrupt them.” Zhuravlev offered zero proof of his claim.

When asked, “if a single mother who is homosexual is raising a child? Should we still deprive her of her parental rights?,” Zhuravlev replied:

“Of course, we should definitely take away her rights to her child. And don’t doubt that we will. Homosexuals should not raise children. They’ll corrupt them. They’ll inflict much greater damage than if the child were in an orphanage. This is my deep conviction.”

Zhuravlev believes that if an LGBT person “openly talks about his orientation and promotes it, then he certainly should be restricted” from raising children.

And in one chilling exchange, the reporter asks, “Does this mean that investigative and law enforcement agencies will be required to form special commissions to determine who’s gay and who’s not?”

“If there is a need for it, sure,” Zhuravlev responds, although he doesn’t think it will be necessary because “there are clear signs” if a person is gay.

When asked, “What are the telltale signs?,” Zhuravlev says:

“The clear signs are simple enough. You don’t understand this? Ask a sex therapist, and he’ll explain it to you. I’m not a doctor. One way or another you always catch a thief.”


The whack job goes even further. Head over to The New Civil Rights Movement to read more...if you dare.


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