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Russian Neo-Nazis Torture Gay Ukrainian 'X-Factor' Contestant

The latest shocking video from Russia's Occupy Pedophilia Neo-Nazi movement reveals the kidnapping and torture of Alexander Bohun, a recent gay contestant on the Ukraine's X-Factor. Like all of OP's horrific attacks recorded and shared on Russian social networks, Alexander's incident started when he responded to a fake profile planted by the violent hate group on a gay website. 

Spectrum Human Rights reports (Google translaion):

One of the participants of the show X Factor Alexander Bohun accused the founder of the movement “Occupy Pedophilia”, Maxim Martsenkevich (“Cleaver” or “Slasher”), to have beaten him. For this reason, the Department of the Interior Ministry of the Leninsky District in Sebastopol (Crimea), has opened a criminal investigation into the matter, reports TSN. According to Alexander Bohun, Martsenkevich has beaten him repeatedly, intimidated him by violence and forced him to make a series of false statements in front of the camera. “I was referred to as “pedophile” illegally, mocked, and forced to admit actions and desires that I have not committed in any circumstances, and I had to admit all that publicly”, he said.

The counsel of the star, Elena Kherson, said that Martsenkevich broke the law, accusing a man of a crime without any investigation or trial. "There is no evidence of the involvement of Alexander Bohun in the crime of which 'Slasher' accused him," she said. "And most importantly, he is the victim." In addition, she said she wanted to lift the ban on dissemination of the video where Alexander Bohun admitted he was a pedophile. In those shoots, we can see Martsenkevich shaving the head of the singer, painting it with a rainbow marker, making him drink a cup of urine and pouring it in a few gallons on his head.”

Video's below, but if it's not showing up in your browser you can head here to watch. 

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This guy is a bully and a terrorist... I would beat this Russian into the ground with my bare hands... The USA will make Russia's mountains flat

This pedophile came to the 15 year old boy. Was caught and humiliated!

He probably enjoyed this. Guy doing the torturing looks HOTTT.

Poor thing...

Does he look to be enjoying it

Or are u just ignorant. 

It doesn't matter what it is if ur being forced to do something u don't want by people who hate u. It isn't fun. 

Sound like your a hater as well 

Education and Respect are the things that are missing in Russia. Isn't the idea that the church preaches love, care and respect for others?! The Russian church just teach hate to gain more power. They don't preach religion but fear. And together with Putin ... a sad situation. Russia will be so ashamed of this period in time...

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