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Russian Officials Secretly Bug LGBT Activists Meeting, Play Recordings On National TV

Well this is terrifying...and familiar. It appears Russian officials have secretly bugged at least one private strategy meeting amongst Russian LGBT activists. 

This is straight up KGB business.

BuzzFeed reports:

Russian officials bugged a private strategy meeting convened by Russian LGBT activists and four major international human rights organizations in October, an intensification of the campaign to clamp down on LGBT rights ahead of the Olympic games in Sochi.

This surveillance was revealed on Nov. 12, when a state television channel broadcast audio from the meeting as part of a program presented as an exposé of the “threat to Russia” posed by the “homosexualists who attempt to infiltrate our country.”

The inclusion of a few minutes of this audio sent a chill through human rights activists in Russia and abroad. The Russian government has actively suppressed public speech in support of LGBT rights under its ban on the “promotion of non-traditional sexual relations to minors.” But this was the first time activists were aware that authorities had actively spied on strategy meetings organized in private, and it was taken as a sign that the government may be seriously escalating its crackdown on LGBT rights as it looks ahead to the Olympic Games in February.

This kind of activity will only continue to escalate. 

Do you think Putin will acknowledge it publicly or is the Russian government still pretending that they're not actively going after the gay community?

Head to BuzzFeed for the full story. 



It's a sad day in human history, AGAIN......these kinds of draconian tactics, and the homophobic mindset of hate and ignorance are always doomed to fail, but sadly not until millions suffer thru this bleak time....Putin tactics inevitably lead to the suppression of the people, violence, death , civil unrest, and the eventual political demise of the head of state and his reputation.

Yet another reason to choose educated leaders, based on there intelegence....If Putin would take the time to go back to school and study his history, he would realize that this kind of abominable behavior eventually ends negatively, in most cases, it results  in the suppression of basic human rights, torture, and death of millions of innocent people..the only silver lining to that cloud is the inevitable demise and death of the offending countries leader... Don't believe me? Just ask Adolph Hitler

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