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Russian Orphan Facing Death Due To Gay Adoption Ban

Russia's gay adoption ban is proving to have life or death ramifications.

A Russian boy, who was scheduled to be placed with an American gay couple, may die now that the couple has been prohibited from taking him in based on Putin's ban on gay adoption of Russian children. The boy suffers from a rare medical condition and the couple is prepared to provide him with the surgery that could save his life.

The New York Post reports:

A crippled orphan could die because Russia’s adoption ban blocked an American couple from taking him home to Tennessee for life-saving surgery.

The controversial ban — which was championed by Russian President Vladimir Putin — forbids adoptions to America.

Shana and Ron Pardue were about to adopt Ivan, a four-year-old who was born with a rare cranial condition called Apert syndrome, when the ban was passed.

Without surgery before the age of five, his skull will slowly crush his brain.

Ivan, who was abandoned by his biological mother, still hasn’t had the operation.

“Time is fast running out,” said Shana,

“He should have had the operation a long time ago. As he grows, the danger is that his skull will cause permanent damage to his brain or kill him.

“All our efforts to adopt him and bring him home for surgery hit a brick wall once the ban came into force.”

The ban was retaliation for a 2012 American law that prohibits Russian officials accused of violating human rights from entering the United States.


For all of Russia's apparent "concern" for the children with their anti-gay propaganda laws, it's telling that the government would rather watch a child die than ensure that he receives the proper medical treatment that a loving gay couple is willing to provide. 

Hopefully more attention is brought to this story so that, at the very least, the child can get proper medical care in Russia. 


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"Protect" the children indeed. I didn't realize the definition of "protect" was "sign the death warrant of". I'm sure it's just a mistranslation between language barriers or not.

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