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Russian Parliament Member & Opera Star Speaks Out Against Anti-Gay Propaganda Law

Maria Maksakova has proven to be quite the multi-tasker. Maksakova is a mezzo soprano soloist with St. Petersburg's Marinsky Theater while serving as a parliament official within the Russian government. 

She's also apparently got guts because she's actively denouncing Russia's anti-gay propaganda law--and she's one of the few people within the Russian government to publicly do so. 

The Wall Street Journal reports: 

“We are seeing extremely negative consequences as the result of this law with the growth of hate crimes,” she said at a meeting of the liberal wing of President Vladimir Putin’s United Russia party, according to a video of her four-minute speech posted online Thursday by a Moscow newspaper.“Our country has suffered a colossal  loss to its image around the world.” A spokesman for Ms. Maksakova  and a participant in the meeting confirmed the video’s authenticity.


“I am very sad to see that the Olympic Games in Sochi for which we have so long and anxiously prepared will come to pass with less brilliance and passion because of this unfortunate initiative that was so hastily — and I believe without thoughtful discussion – adopted by parliament,” she said.

Ms. Maksakova confirmed that she had made the comments, but declined to elaborate on what she said at the meeting.

Strong words from a high profile Russian citizen and public official. Think she'll inspire others within the government to be more vocal in denouncing the anti-gay legislation?


Image Source (H/T: The Backlot)