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Russian Publisher Redacts LGBT Scene From Book

A Russian Publisher has admitted to censoring an LGBT scene in a hit U.S. Fantasy novel.

The Publisher, Rosmen, said it censored a romantic scene to comply with Russian Propaganda laws. In 2013, Russia introduced legislation that would introduce children to non-traditional relationships, with fines to individuals and businesses. The law has been condemned by countless human rights groups.

Vicotria Schwab, the author of Shades of Magic, has said Rosmen is in “a total breach of contract.” She says the redaction happened without her knowledge.

Rosmen has issued a statement that they were only trying to adhere to propaganda laws. They also stated that Schwab’s literary agents had been notified. Without heavy censoring, the book would have to have an 18+ labeling on it, while also revealing the queer story line is central to the third books plot.

Schwab has said she would “never agreed to any redacting of [even] one scene.” She has also stated she would rather not have had the book published and is going to seek to end the relationship with Rosmen.

While I had not heard of Shades of Magic until this, I think it will be the next book on my reading list.