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Ryan Lochte Shares Behind-The-Scenes Speedo Shot

We sure missed Ryan Lochte. 

After the most recent Olympics found themselves marred with controversy and massive human rights violations, we found ourselves nostalgic for the good ol' days of guiltless ogling and cheering. 

As Sochi's Winter Olympics wrapped up over the weekend, Ryan Lochte reminded us of those days of yore by posting a half-naked shot to Instagram from behind-the-scenes of his latest Speedo photoshoot. 

What do you think his hands are saying?


Get a life pervos...

If he could be my husband - I'll never ask for anything else in life again. 

I don't care what he's trying to say with his hands like that. 

I just want him to be my husband. 

He is sooo delicious. 

he has NO business being on here, unless some picture shows up with him bottoming for lets say Michael, LOL if not some other LUCKY stiff........

You are all a bunch of fuckin assholes! Jesus fucking Christ! Get a fucking life and stop acting like pissy bitchy little cunts!

Framing the smartest organ in his whole body, the rest is just for transportation

Poor baby...

He's hungry for a whopper?

Grower not a shower?

Doesn't look like much going on in that speedo..... Just sayin

He's saying I'm number one. No secret meaning. And he has a point. He is. Love you Ryan.

I love Michael and Ryan.  If they have brides that's ok.  I'll wait until Paradise.

I think he's saying "I'm a big, giant tool."

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