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Ryan Murphy: Matt Bomer & Mark Ruffalo 'Terrified' By 'Normal Heart' Sex Scenes

Ryan Murphy's film adaptation of The Normal Heart is set to debut Sunday, May 25 on HBO and the powerful drama is certain to have us reaching for our tissues! 

One of the key relationships in the film is between Ned and Felix, portrayed by Mark Ruffalo and Matt Bomer, respectively, and it appears both actors fully committed to their roles. Murphy opened up to Michelangelo Signorile about the making of the film--and how "terrified" both actors were to film their "intense" sex scenes.

From HuffPo:

Indeed, the love affair between Ned and Felix is gut-wrenching, and is one of the relationships that drives the film, and that required Ruffalo and Bomer to perform some intense sex scenes, both in a bathhouse and in bed. Murphy brought in a “sex choreographer” to work with the actors.

“So we hired a guy who specializes in -- who’s a former choreographer on Broadway -- who now specialized in sex choreography,” he explained. “So he would come and he would work with the actors and it was like, ‘Okay, then you move your leg here, and your asshole goes up here, and then your neck goes over here.’ So we worked on it, so the actors felt like, ‘Okay, I’m in “A Chorus Line.” I can do it.’”

Even still, Ruffalo and Bomer, were “terrified,” Murphy said. But he had them plunge right in.

“Mark, I believe, had never kissed a guy, ever, on camera,” he said. “And he had certainly never had that level of sexuality. And I don’t think Matt had either. So I had a gay actor [Bomer] and a straight actor. And they were both terrified. But I just threw them into it. And the first day of shooting was the scene in the movie where Mark has to walk out of a sauna where two guys are going at it and walk by Matt, and sort of ignore him, and Matt looks on lasciviously. We shot that almost as an homage to the bathhouse ads they used to run in New York in the early '80s on ‘The Robin Byrd Show.’ Remember those? Those were the days. So we just got into it, man. We just got into it. And they were nervous but they were game. They knew it was an important part of the story. They went for it.”

Something to look forward to amidst our tears on May 25??


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2 marginally talented actors..   NO ONE CARES>


It only killed a generation that was not careful. I was part of that generation, but I was careful and responsible

oh my peter pen that is the most ignorant statement i have herd in a long time it just shows that you have only read in between the lines total idiot

And pig ignorant it would seem. Get out of your tiny, darkened, subjective room, go study your history, and while you're at it, learn some respect.

Andy you're not going after Peter Pen are you?

Well yeah. Cuz unless I'm missing something, it seems reductive to say that HIV can be prevented purely by being 'careful and responsible' - particularly when no one knew what it was or that they even had it. It seems strange to me to blame a 'generation' of dead men and women for their own deaths when no one even knew why they were dying. But whatever. We are happy to shame living queers for their choices, so why wouldn't we shame the dead ones too.

Jason another stupid remark those were the days when men could do as tgey wanted and not risk dieing... many of us have luved and struggled thru this

I  wonder if they will publish a DVD of tis like they did with Brokeback Mountain? Many do not have HBO and would like to see it.

"Those were the days" - Yes the ones that helped kill a generation.  Ryan Murphy is a fucking idiot

Jason stop being such a little bitch. Aids didn't kill a generation you drama queen. There are still plenty of us around idiot....

Jason - really?!? Why even bother and if you even dare say "I was part of that generation", I was too!

'those were the days' meaning a time period in which having sex didn't automatically equate with potential death. Yep, I miss those days, and look forward to when they come back.

Ryan Murphy has done more to further the liberation of gay people than most, hardly an "idiot".

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