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Sally Field & Julia Roberts Have A "Curse Off"

...and one of them absolutely massacres the other! Can you guess which actress has a filthier mouth before watching the hilarious video from Jimmy Kimmel? 


oh come on, u can tell what they are saying....sally said CUNT

What's the point if it's beeped and pixelated to death?!   I always find it strange how censored swearing on TV is in the US, yet they'll show someone getting shot to death or allow people to utter homophobic slurs on the news.  I love it when American guests are on chat shows here in the UK, they're like kids at xmas when they realise they can say what they like


Sally!!!!  They lady is a tramp!  :-P

So.. where are the A-listers?

What good is this if it's censored?

My sentiments exactly!

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