Salt Lake City Cop Placed On Leave After Refusing To Work Pride

A Salt Lake City police officer has found himself in hot water after refusing an assignment to work this year's Pride Parade. About 30 officers were assigned to work traffic control and security for Sunday's event, but this officer apparently would not do his job based on anti-gay bias. He has been placed on leave by the SLC department. 

"We don't tolerate bias and bigotry in the department, and assignments are assignments ... To allow personal opinion to enter into whether an officer will take a post is not something that can be tolerated in a police department," department spokeswoman Lara Jones told KSL.

"Our goal is to make sure that police training and certification includes policies and oaths to ensure that all officers are committed to providing equal service and treatment of all citizens. Clearly, bigotry is alive and well," Utah Pride Center spokeswoman Deann Armes added.

Salt Lake City police will march in the parade again this year, and a booth to bridge its relationship with the LGBT community as well as recruit new officers will also be found at the festival. 

"We have gay men and women that serve in the police department," Jones also said. "One officer's situation does not reflect the vast majority of officers that work in the Salt Lake City Police Department and certainly not Chief Burbank's."

(h/t; HuffPo)


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If he is so consumed with hate he wont work a pride parade how will he defend a gay man being beaten.he will ignore the abuse because he thinks they deserve it HE MUST BE FIRED HE IS NOT FIT TO BE A POLICE OFFICER

Is it a paid leave?

The officer is someone you cannot count on to protect and serve the community.  If he can't do his job at a simple parade how can you trust him to do his job on patrol.  The community is not safe with this kind of judgment intolerance in an authority position.  Time for another job for this coward.

I think the department handled it well.  And I wouldn't want a hater in uniform pretending to be a protector. 

Fired.A bigot is a liability and a disgrace to a community organization.

I have to respect his decision not to perform his duties there. He just may actually be a detriment to the safety of people attending the parade. He's a homophobe and at least he knows that it's probably better for everyone if he just sits this one out. I wouldn't feel safe with a cop there who HATES all of us. He probably wants to arrest everyone there because they're gay .

he should not be fired nor should he be reprimanded instead he should be sent for sensitivity training so he can realize exactly why he was wrong 2 refuse the assignment peace out lol xxx

Hmmm I like the way you think! Advocacy and education I agree would be the best way to handle ignorance and bigotry

He probably can't be fired, but it's obvious he cannot do the job to "Serve and Protect" every citizen. So he should spend the rest of his career doing a deskjob.

Utah is a right to work state. Officers have been fired here for like offenses so... they sign a contract and he is in violation of that contract

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