Sam Claflin On Finding The Right Gay Role & 'Hunger Games' Gay Fan Fiction

My Cousin Rachel and The Hunger Games star Sam Claflin spoke with PrideSource's Chris Azzopardi and it appears we're not the only ones wanting Sam to take on a gay role!

From PrideSource:

I don't believe you have played a gay role, and I'm gonna let you give me one good reason why that hasn't happened.

(Laughs) I actually got offered the role of a gay man in a TV series! But I didn't think it was well enough written. I have auditioned for gay parts and not got them and desperately wanted them. It's nothing I'm shying away from. It's something I fully embrace. And, actually, I have done it in plays during drama school, but it just hasn't worked yet for me. But I'd jump at the chance. I'd be happy to do anything that was sort of good enough for me to kind of get my feet stuck in, like a meaty role, or an opportunity to work with a great director no matter what the story and no matter what the character.

As for which gay role he should play, Claflin seems open to some of the slash fiction fantasies Hunger Games fans have come up with!

"Hunger Games" fans have some of the wildest imaginations - and some pretty fantastic gay ideas for you, Josh and Liam Hemsworth. What are your thoughts on the gay fan fiction that's been written about you three?

Fan fiction is one of those things I wish I knew more about. Someone was telling me that "Fifty Shades of Grey" was based on "Twilight" fan fiction. I didn't realize there was an underworld with these kind of amazingly imaginative ideas. I had no idea! But I love Liam as much as I love - in fact, I love Chris Hemsworth. I love the entire Hemsworth family. I say we get all of us involved and we do a "Fifty Shades of Grey." We can make it reality.

Sam taking on the Hemsworth brothers? Sign us up!