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Same-Sex Love In Cultures Around The World Featured In Gorgeous Photography Series "All Love Is Equal"

"Gay imagery tends to be hyper-sexual, or banal images of everyday couples, or worse yet depictions of our victimization," Braden Summers says.

To provide fresh perspective, the NY-based photographer raised $23,000 on Kickstarter and embarked on a world journey for his series "All Love Is Equal." Summers touched down in six continents (including shoots in countries such as South Africa, India and Lebanon)  and used a mix of models and real-life couples to disrupt the typical romance images we're constantly bombarded by. 

"The work is meant to speak to a large audience, it should be reminiscent of the highly-produced romance images that we are fed on a daily basis," Summers says.

Check out a few photographs from the gorgeous series below and head to Summers' website for more. 

(Source: BuzzFeed)


I love love love these pics. So much so that I actually did an episode about them in my web series today: I hope he does more like these!

So glad the British couple are wearing a Bowler Hat to keep stereotypes alive!!!!  

This is amazing! I love that couples on the elephant! 

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