Same-Sex Marriage Made Legal On Island Of Just 2,000 People

Photo: Visit Alderney

Wonderful news!

The island of Alderney has voted to make same-sex marriage legal.

Nine out of ten of the island's politicians voted in favor of a law on Wednesday, which will give same-sex couples their first legal right to marry.

To place it into geographic context, Alderney is the northernmost of the inhabited Channel Islands, a string of islands located off the French coast of Normandy. Alderney, itself, is 3 miles long by 1 ¹⁄₂ miles wide. Roughly 2,000 people inhabit the island.

According to the BBC, Alderney resident Allen Jones celebrated the new law, saying it would bring the island, "into the 21st century."

Jones and his partner Dits Preece plan to become the first same-sex couple to marry on the island, once Queen Elizabeth II signs the bill to approve the new law.

Preece said to the BBC:

"It was always my greatest thrill and I always wanted to marry Allen on the island, when I first moved here 13 years ago.

"Having heard the news it's so exciting, I'm just over the moon about it.

"I think that with it now being passed and they're going ahead, that it's opened the doors to lots more couples who would wish to come to Alderney and be married here and make it their holiday at the same time." 




Congratulations. It is no brainer. Do not know why it is taking so long for Australia to legalize same sex marriage.

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