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Is A San Francisco 49er About To Come Out?

Have the floodgates officially opened?

MediaTakeOut is exclusively reporting that an active NFL player on the San Francisco 49ers is about to come out. learned that as early as THIS WEEK . . . a TOP member of the 49ers team will come out the closet as gay.

The player we're told has ALREADY spoken to a few of the higher ups on the team .. . and wants to begin lobbying for the squad to DRAFT the newly OUT college football player Michael Sam.

The week's almost over! If it's true that a 49er is about to exit the closet, we won't speculate on who it is, but it would certainly take a bit of the heat off of Michael Sam. (Not that he needs it--Sam seems like he's made of steel and is taking the pressure in stride!) 

Think we'll see a 49er joining the openly LGBT ranks, Instincters?


(H/T: NNNext)


My money is on Kaepernick but really, what does it matter? Why are people being required to disclose their sexual preference at all? As a Packer fan, I've been hearing for years that Rodgers is gay..who cares? As long as these guys play good football and obey the law, I don't care what they do off the field or who they love!

I'm hoping its Frank Gore...  Purrrrty please!

I totally support anyone coming out because it takes their all to get ready for what they're about to go through... God bless and I wish you all the luck. 

I'm almost 100% sure it's Colin Kapernick! My gaydar goes off everytime I see him. Hope it is. He has my support.

San Francisco has always had many gay fans, especially since the Montana era. Not only are many season ticket holders but many of the gay bars are overflowing whenever they are on the tube. Of course it would be fitting for any player on the 49ers to come out or for the team to go all "OUT" after Michael Sam,however I hope all teams show interest in him. The more I read about him and coming from a small Texas town where being black was not easy. The way he came out to his teammates show me that he has class besides talent. It's the 21st century,even the armed forces have openly gay servicemen... so why not the NFL too!

I'm a Seattle Seahawks fan.  But I officially cheer this brave 49er!

Yeah because we all know how reliable Media Take Out is. 

My money is on Colin


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