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Santa Fe Elects Its First Openly Gay Mayor, Javier Gonzales

Santa Fe, New Mexico has elected its first openly gay mayor! Javier Gonzales, the vice president of a commercial real estate firm, soundly defeated his mayoral opponents Patti Bushee and Bill Dimas.

The Santa Fe New Mexican writes:

With his two young daughters and other family members by his side, Gonzales, 47, was greeted by a mob of cheering supporters when he walked into a packed ballroom at the Hotel Santa Fe, many of whom he hugged and kissed as he made his way to the stage.

“This campaign was never about me. It was about us,” he told a jubilant crowd.


“I stand before you humbled. I stand you before standing on the shoulders of people like Mayor Coss and my father and so many who have been before in this position to say that I am ready to accept the responsibility and the honor of being your mayor,” he said, referring to outgoing Mayor David Coss and his father, former Mayor George Gonzales.

Gonzales led in all four of the city’s council districts, including the north-side district that Bushee has represented for the past 20 years as a city councilor. 

Smell that? Smells like power! Congrats, Mayor Gonzales!



Congrats! I love a couple hours north in Farmington

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