Sasha Velour Shocked And Delighted By Shout-Out From Gender Theorist Judith Butler

RuPaul's Drag Race fans will likely recall Sasha Velour's memorable "Snatch Game" performance.

Although the season 9 winner would do a delightful impersonation of 1930s actress Marlene Dietrich, hardcore super-fans might recall that Miss Velour had originally planned to do a take on a very different kind of celebrity.

Ru may have shot down Sasha's impersonation of philosopher and gender theorist, Judith Butler, but it appears someone else took notice...

Butler, herself!

Said Butler:

"I'm very very honored that you connect with me, in whatever way, and that we get to share an identity, by virtue of your connection with me.

"I just want to say how great it is that you're out there, that you're fierce, that you do what you do. 

"That you're in people's faces, and you're beautiful and radical."

In response to the video message, Sasha wrote on Facebook:

"This happened last week and I'm still in shock! Judith Butler! This is the video message I've been dreaming of (sorry Katy). Thank you for the encouragement, for your beautiful radical mind, for giving me and so many others language to understand ourselves and the world, and for the invitation to join fellow radicals at Jewish Voice For Peace.

"This year more than ever, words MUST translate to action and change, and, we drag performers know how to get things done, DARLING (with some glitter and duct tape around the edges!) Feeling honored and hopeful! Love you all."