Saudi Arabia: Authorities Bust Party, Arrest 35 Men For Being Gay

After a party in the coastal city of Jeddah was busted by Saudi Arabia's religious police, 35 men were thrown in prison for being gay and allegedly wearing women's clothing.

Gay Star News reports:

According to local reports, neighbors contacted the religious police complaining of the loud music being played at the party.

The police took the arrested men to the station and kept the dresses and music equipment until an investigation is complete.

LGBTI rights in Saudi Arabia are non-existent. Homosexuality is taboo and punished with jail, flogging, chemical castration or even death.

"Once the Hay’ah [religious police] have your identity on record for being gay, you are very likely to face financial and even sexual blackmail," a source told GSN. "If families hear that a member is gay it is not unheard of that they would attempt to kill the person in order to avoid being "shamed. If word spreads to employer or the wider community, then not only the person is likely to loose his job but become a social pariah."

The men have not yet been sentenced for the "crime" of being gay, but face up to life imprisonment.