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S.C. Teen Boy Forced To Remove Makeup, Told To "Look More Like A Boy" For Driver's License Photo

Chase Culpepper has a driver's license that doesn't represent how he looks on a daily basis. The South Carolina teen regularly wears makeup to school and to his job at a McDonald's in Anderson. But when the moment that all 16 year olds look forward to finally arrived, Chase was left humiliated and dehumanized; while readying to have his photo taken for his driver's licenses, the DMV told the teen to remove his makeup because he "needs to look more like a boy."

Chase has gone to the Transgender Legal Defense and Education Fund for help, and says he didn't violate any laws. He's appealed to the DMV to have his picture re-taken so that his license reflects his physical self more accurately. 

But, according to the South Carolina DMV, he shouldn't get his hopes up. 

"When this young man has to show his ID, his ID shows that he's male. The card says he's male [and therefore], he needs to look like a male," said S.C. DMV spokesperson Beth Parks. Parks went on to point out the DMV hand book photo policy, which states, "At no time will an applicant be photographed when it appears that he or she is purposefully altering his or her appearance so that the photo would misrepresent his or her identity." Should a trans applicant have gone through all the legal channels (birth certificate change, etc.), the DMV would honor their identity, she adds.

"This is how I am every day. And if a police officer wanted to recognize how I am, then, he would want to see who I am in my picture as well," Culpepper said, responding to the DMV policy. 

While anyone can understand where the requirement for a DMV photo to show the basic look of an individual, demanding that Chase "look more like a boy" for his photo and remove the makeup he wears everyday crosses a line; it wouldn't have fundamentally changed the image, anyway. The South Carolina DMV needs to answer for its specific treatment of Chase without deferring to a boilerplate response for how it deals with gender identity. 

What do you think of the DMV's handling of Chase?

(Source: Fox)


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I don't agree with how the person handle the situation. But I agree. DMV- makeup off. There are so many reasons why this statement sounds insensitive. If you want to make the argument that well women are aloud. Then fine have woman not wear makeup. 

I would like to know when did makeup become a woman only thing. It is not the right of the DMV to say who can and can't wear makeup. His rights are being revoked due to ignorance. Whether he is wanting to be transgendered or not they have no right. Also do all women have to take off their makeup.

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Funny how just cause he wears make up everyone automatically assumes he is transitioning -_-. shows how people are still following stereotypical gender roles. I dont see how not wearing make up could make you look anymore a man then if you didnt. Its on how you wear the make up. The photo on your drivers lisence should show how you look on a daily basis. if he wears make up daily then that is how he should be portrayed.

Whilst I am wholeheartedly for people expressing themselves and being who they are inside, I have to take a moment to consider what the DMV said, and I find that they have a valid point.

To wear the make-up on the photo would imply, having already spoken out that he is "transgender", that he wants to appear as a woman. If the make-up is applied artfully, he will achieve this result. Therefore, any and all persons checking the licence would see that the picture is a woman, but the facts state him as a man. Until he has fully transitioned, he should appear as a male on the licence. How he dresses every single day is his choice, as it is ours. No one is ever happy with their drivers licence or passport photo, and God knows I always get stopped when they look at mine, because how I choose to look every day differs constantly to how I look on my photo.

But the reality is, right now, that he is biologically male. Therefore I feel I would have to side with the DMV on this one (who stated, had he gone through all official channels, would have no problem with it). We "purposefuly alter" our appearance every single day. Let the kid be free to do that, just as I am free to. Just as most woman do, and they wear make-up all the time which makes them appear nothing like how their photos show them. But until he makes the complete transition, he is a man, and should appear as one on his drivers licence.

This is meant with no hate. And is a general overlook on the situation.

I think the rise in the level of acceptance towards the LGBTQ community has caused people to cause unnecessary drama. As humans, we desire a perfect world, but then mourn the loss of choas and drama.

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Dude... He's a troll, let it go. You're just giving him an audience.

I hope this develops into a law suit for discrimination cause clearly Chase is being discriminated against. Chase you are beautiful! Best of luck!

I hope this develops into a law suit for discrimination cause clearly Chase is being discriminated against. Chase you are beautiful! Best of luck!

HE'S very beautiful, with or without make-up 

Why is he wearing makeup? What happen to learning to feel comfortable and accepting the way you are? Have we moved so far away from self acceptance that we now make up rules for people who make up who they are. So many people are deluding themselves or have become delusion from this over exaggerated world we live in. With all this preaching of accepting others, when should someone learn to accept themselves the way they are, not the wway one makes themselves.

Why does he wear makeup? Uhm, I don't know...maybe 'cause HE LIKES IT! Why do you care?

Im with the DMV i for 1 am sick of they's young teen queens that feel the need 2 make a stink and drama out of everything when they don't get there way the policy is clearly in the book and on a personal note im a man looking for other men not some pansy that cakes on 12 layers of foundation as well as a inch thick of fake tan i mean gads imagine the state of the sheets the next day no thank you 

Wow, people like you give our community a bad name. What business is it of yours if he wants to look like a pansy as you so eloquently described. There's enough bigotry in the world without us giving it to ourselves. You're a jerk.

So do we do the same for women who wear make-up for their photos. There are countless women who don't look the same with their make-up removed.  What about wigs, toupees, glasses, bangs...I could go on.

So keep looking for a man... This comment makes you ignorant... Maybe you should look at yourself cause in a matter if 5sec I figured out why your still "Looking" ignorance is not cute.

more fucking bullshit.  Fuck the dmv.  they just shit on this kid's rights.

I'm wondering if South Carolina requires women to remove their makeup for the picture since it also alters their appearance. Both women and men can radically change their appearance with cosmetics. The South Carolina DMV has likely taken many mens' pictures while they were wearing makeup but likely didn't even notice. I know men who wear makeup and their goal is to improve their skin tone and appearance but DO NOT want it to be apparent they have applied makeup.

He has the right to look the way he wants. I think the DMV is discriminating against him.

Let him be. I think a supportive guardian/adult should accompany him. If that doesn't work, then lawyer up. Americans have the right to express themselves. He is not breaking any laws. The DMV NEEDS CULTURAL SENSITIVITY TRAINING.

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