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Scientists Stumble Upon "Unexpected" Potential HIV Vaccine That "Completely Blocks" Virus In Monkeys


Scientists held a low bar working with a possible immune-suppressant in rhesus monkeys, some of whom were infected with SIV -- the simian equivalent of HIV. To their admitted surprise, however, the vaccine had "unexpected" success, completely blocking rectal transmission of the virus and depleting the viral loads in monkeys who were already infected. 

AIDSMAP distills the report laden with medical verbiage into layman's terms:

A novel and relatively simple vaccine that can be administered orally has managed to completely block rectal infection with SIV, the monkey equivalent of HIV, in rhesus macaques and produced rapid re-suppression of viral load in monkeys who were previously infected with SIV.

The vaccine, whose success at blocking infection was described by its own designers as ‘surprising’ and ‘unexpected’, appears to work by stimulating the production of a previously unknown group of CD8 T-cells that stopped the monkeys’ CD4 cells from recognising SIV as a foreign invader, thereby preventing an immune response to SIV. This suppressant effect - which works in the opposite way to a traditional vaccine - means that the SIV is deprived of the SIV-specific immune-activated CD4 cells it needs in order to proliferate and establish an infection in the body.       

The vaccine consisted of inactivated SIV administered alongside doses of familiar bacteria – in the first case the TB-suppressant bacterium BCG, and subsequently with gut bacteria of the Lactobacillusgenus, including one type commonly used in probiotic supplements. This suggests that if human studies replicate the success seen in monkeys (by no means assured in vaccine studies) the vaccine could be administered in a drink.

Two initial safety trials are now planned in humans. In one, HIV-negative volunteers at low risk of HIV will be given the vaccine to see if it stimulates the same immune- and virus-suppressant responses. In the other, HIV-positive volunteers on fully-suppressive antiviral therapy will be given the vaccine and then taken off ART six months later if test tube results suggest the vaccine has produced such responses.




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I have been undetectable for the better part of two years now with a cd4 count of 400 and rising, I am 36 years old, would love to be a part of these trials,  started HAART shortly after being diagnosed two years ago, I take a VERY active role in my treatment. I work very closely with Dr. J. Cohen, one of the leading HIV doctors here in Canada regerding my treatment. This past year I became vice-president of the board of directors at my local ASO. I would appreciate any info, and would be very interested in taking part in these trials!!!

Dear Sir/Madam,

How do I participate on the trail please?

Hi im 39 irish with Cd4 of 98 ' undectable virous and needing new treatment..... Only 55 mins from france and will cover cost of my own travel and accomadition . more info please

I got HIV in 2008, tested poz shortly after been on complera almost ever since. My vl is undetectable & cd4 runs over 400. Currently seeing a HIV Dr @ Mayo clinic in Rochester, MN. Would so be interested in the trail. I'm a 31 yr old gay male. Plz contact me or Mayo clinic if want me in ur study.

I want in the trials too

I will be one of those whom be involved in the trial 

I have been POZ since at least '04 had an O2 sat of 61% upon going 2ER hospitalized for 30 days....
Been doing good on ART...Except diagnosed with CLL '08 (Leukemia)
Would really like N on the trials & my partner is NEG. In OKC. ,OK.

Sometime before 1988....that's 26 years now. Undetectable since 2004 when I started on HAART. CD% up from 7 to 28.

need a volunteer in France?

I was diagnose last 2012 my cd4 is 280 my last result .its increasing and decreasing if this vaccine is will help me to live longer i want to be part of this trial. I'm taking Art nearly 2 years now here in the Philippines. I hope someone will find a cure, many people here in my country have HIV.

My partner and I would love to volunteer for these trials. 

Was full blow AIDS when I found out. Literally was on deaths bed. These so called studies are very intriguing. would love to be part of the study if at all possible. I hate being POZ and wish I could go back and erase bad decisions. What's done is done though. Now I have to live with it. 

Hi, I have been positive since early 2007, found out in May 2007 at just 19, ART started in September 2009 out of choice, from month one until now I have been undetectable in VL and CD4 raised from 505 to 1350 and has been over 1000 for nearly three years now! This is good news for many but never feel like HIV doesn't give you a normal life! For me, It showed me how good life can be and how valuable life is... Enjoy every minute, take things for granted sometimes, live life to the full, if people don't want to do you because of it, they don't understand it or are just ignorant, it is their problem! Many people understand it and it isn't a problem from experience, been with my life partner 5 years now!! I'd be interested to see the results of these trials...

date you*

I would like to try it.. im from Chile 28 years old 600 cd4

Tambien soy positivo.. 8 años indetectable. Quisiera poder participar




Is there room for one more to participate in this trials? If so please consider me. I'm HIV positive and would love to participate in this trial study. I'm in Toronto.

I have been poz for 3 years I was raped and given it I would love to take part of the trials

Hi my name is Sarah I'm HIV I'm born with it I'm sorry on how u got it i u want I would like to be your friend


I have been HIV+ for about 8 years and I would love to be a part of this. I have a regular CD4 count of over 700 and undetectable viral load. This is an incredible find. I would love a second chance at having a "normal" life.

The fact that you think your life is not "normal" is unsettling. Taking a pill everyday is no different than a diabetic taking insulin shots everyday. Normal is not what society says is normal.....HIV should never let anyone think they are different life your life as if nothing was different and you will be treated as such =) #3yearsstrong+

I'm a type one diabetic who 4 weeks ago found out I am poz and being diabetic for 22 years and it's still not normal to me! But I understand what u mean 

But, unlike diabeties HIV still has a major stigma in the world and there are a lot of people out there who are scared to be with HIV pos people even if that person is undetectable. I'm ok with being pos, but sense being diagnosed 2 years ago majority of people are scared to date me. But, maybe that's just my personal experience. 

I just recently got infected about 6 months ago. I would love to participate in this. If it means a second chance to live a normal life with my loved ones.

I'm negative but would be happy to participate in the trials.  I would be considered in the low risk group.

I am HIV-Neg and I volunteer for the trials. The risk is well worth the potential gain.

I'm HIV poz to I would like to try it I'm born 1985 ad born with it had it for 29years already 

Positive for 27 years with a CD4 count consistently in the 1600's and undetectable. I would love to try this one. 

I want to be part of the trial. From Philippines.

I will be the Canadian trial member but get me started 

I want to be part too

I want in the trials too. I have been + for 10 years now and its starting to take it toll on my body. Please please please help me find a way in this trial so I might have a normal life. 32 years old and feel like im in my 60s

how do you get on the trial?

Yeah so do I.

I want in on these trials.

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