'Screw You, Roy Moore' Says New York Daily News

The New York Daily News is celebrating Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore's stunning election loss by slapping him on their cover of today's paper.

The words “SCREW YOU & HORSE YOU RODE IN ON," set in large bold type, sit next to a picture of Moore riding his horse "Sassy" to cast his vote in yesterday's election. (Yes, that really happend.) 

As by now you've surely heard, Democrat, Doug Jones defeated Moore in yesterday's special election. Jones is the first Democrat to be elected to the Alabama Senate in 20 years.

The New York Daily News reports:

"Jones’ narrow win means the Republican majority over Democrats in the Senate drops to a slim 51 to 49. It will also further galvanize the Democratic Party as it looks to build on sentiment against President Trump to mount a challenge next year to the Republican control of Congress.

"The bitter political battle centered around fiery conservative Moore, who had to deny allegations that he molested several teen girls — including one as young as 14 — while he was a thirty-something prosecutor in the late 1970s."

H/T: Joe My God