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SCRUFF Offers First Mobile App For Transgender Community

It looks like MISTER isn't the only gay mobile app that's gotten a revamp! SCRUFF's also given itself an upgrade (and you can check out the many new changes here), but one thing that's definitely setting it apart from the rest of the gay mobile pack is it's introduction of a community specifically for transgender members. 

SCRUFF writes on its site: "One year ago, SCRUFF became the first gay app to offer a community for military men and other men in uniform. In SCRUFF 4, we are excited to become the first gay app to create a specific community for transgender members."

That kind of inclusiveness is to be celebrated!

The new SCRUFF offers 100 new changes. Did you know you can send video now?? Check out the changes for yourself!


(H/T: Queerty)



I am so happy that at least one group of people came ready to do something for the people who are talented and look different from us. I want to congratulate Scruff for the great application that they created.

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