Sean Hayes Has A Response For Critics Who Say His 'Will & Grace' Character Is 'Too Gay'!

Sean Hayes has something to say!

In the past, critics have admonished his Will & Grace character for being "too gay," and helping to perpetuate stereotypes.

To them, he says:

“I am a gay guy, and I act like Jack in real life sometimes."

Speaking to The New York Times, Hayes continues:

“So what? I find Jack’s level of gay to be a ridiculous subject to discuss. How can you be too gay?”

Adding to the discussion, GLAAD CEO Sarah Kate Ellis says:

“We can dissect specific characters until the cows come home.

“What we know for sure is that this series had a profoundly positive impact on the culture during its original run, and we need its help again. LGBTQ acceptance is slipping in this culture, and hate crimes are on the rise.”

Tbh, we love Jack, and can't wait to see him and Karen (and Will and Grace) back in action!

H/T: Attitude