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Is Seattle The Best American City For Gay Dads?

When you dance through your memories of cities visited, towns explored, and neighborhoods experienced, how do you rate the best ones?  Do you consider as criteria if they had best clubs, tastiest foods, great outdoor activities, the phenomenal shopping, the most amazing hook-ups?  Some of us are still there in the "single boy" realm of judging vacations, others of us may be looking for a "romantical" city with a partner, but some of us have kids in tow and may be looking for a place to call home for the whole fam-damily.

The boys over at ManAboutWorld have thrown Seattle into the mix for best city for gay dads. And for clarification, those are gay men that are raising children together. 

Turns out, Seattle might just be the best city in America for gay dads. The city is like a mini-San Francisco, a fresh-air urban haven in the Pacific Northwest where gay boys of yore have traded in their glow sticks for Gerber. A quick search online will lead you to the Gay Fathers Association of Seattle or the Facebook group, “Feather Boa Fathers.”

[Where] do you take your 8-year-old son that’s fun for the the both of you? Where can you and your straight 13-year-old boy have a bonding experience?  In ManAboutWorld’s latest issue, Paul J. Heney our favorite gay day reported on his trip to Seattle with his husband and their two kids to investigate. Read on for the quick n’ dirty on his trip.

Some of the points Heney expands on for his family's exploration of Seattle are ...

1. Not just any Starbucks

2. Things will be great when you’re…downtown

3. The library … on vacation?

4. Time for a little science

5. When your sons grow up to like football…

Head over to for more on what the city had to offer Heney and his family.

This single guy believes Seattle is one of the best cities he's ever visited.  I can tell you which cities are good for a kid-at-heart gay man, but I'm not one to judge a city for family fun and comfort. 

Do you have a city that needs to be considered as one of the best cities for Gay Dads?

What are some of the items that should be at the top of the list when rating a city?  

Do those criteria differ than a straight couple with kids must haves?



Read the full [ManAboutWorld] story in this month’s issue, read more of Paul’s “Go, Daddy” columns here, and check out the GayCities guide to Seattle.  -