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Seattle Drag Queen Stands Up To Anti-Gay Protesters Trying To Disrupt Start Of Pride Parade

Before I moved to Seattle a year ago, I checked out a Sunday drag brunch event on the weekend that my partner and I were in town looking for a place to live. Mama Tits, an iconic Seattle star I would come to learn, was the ringleader of the brunch at the Unicorn, and one of the major influencers in helping me want to live in Seattle; she's tough as nails but hysterical, a big drink of a queen but has a heart of gold. When I saw her at Pride over the weekend for the first time in months, her effervescence and care for her community were all that were on display. I had no idea that without her tense stand off against anti-gay protesters attempting to disrupt Pride earlier in the day, the parade would have gotten off to a really late start and off schedule. 

Mama Tits detailed the situation to Seattle Gay Scene:

“I saw them coming up the road pre-Parade and looked at Sylvia and DonnaTella and said, ‘Ladies, let’s make a wall!’ Before I knew it, I was standing tits to nose with the leader guy on the megaphone. It felt like I had the strength of all the people who had ever been hurt by these people standing right behind be me giving me power! I was almost in auto-pilot mode from my days as a Sister of Perpetual Indulgence. I planted myself in his path and wouldn’t move. When he walked around me, I got back in front of him again and again.I stared him in the eyes and could see the pain in his eyes, I could see he was scared and he should have been. He tried to hit me with his sign, but like Bianca Del Rio says 'Not Today, Satan!'

"I pushed his sign away from my face and hair, because you DO NOT TOUCH my hair. And, it was all I could do to NOT get violent, but I didn’t because once that happens, we all lose. They tried to surround me in an intimidation tactic, but let’s face it, I’m fucking HUGE and it didn’t work at all! The police came to me and asked to let them pass, and told me not to let them get me upset. I told the cops I wasn’t upset, but I WILL defend myself when assaulted, and they needed to remove them from our Parade. I then walked over and grabbed my mic and started to get the crowd involved. I wanted them to make so much joyful noise to drown out the hate… and, boy did they ever! The crowd made the walls rattle down on 4th and Pine!

"Shortly after I heard him quoting Leviticus, I just spouted back all the other parts he was leaving out to show how much of a hypocrite he was. It is always interesting how religious whack jobs misinterpret EVERYTHING in the Bible and bend it to their will to create HATE, when all they are doing is showing their ignorance. I yelled, ‘You have NO POWER here, be gone before someone drops a house on YOU!’ Once they were escorted off the parade route, I noticed how much it had affected me. I was trembling and on the verge of tears, because when people blindly hate and preach it in public like these people do, they have no regard for the people lives they are effecting.

"People take their lives because of HATE like this, people get KILLED because of HATE like this. I just want it all to stop! If the HATE mongers would put down their signs and open their minds and REPENT for their judgments, maybe then they too could find joy and happiness and be part of the fun, instead of being part of the Hell.”

Thank you, Mama Tits!


This drag Queen is washed up and does anything he can to get attention. He is selfish and is not a community player. Even bashing members of his own Seattle Gay community. Mama Tits doesn't represent the culture that we as gay people in Seattle have so strongly fought to achieve to become equals in the community. I too dislike the protesters just as much as the next individual identifying as a member or supporter of the LGTBQ community. But the actions of Mama Tits was a black eye on the fave of tolrance and the wrong course of action. Hate breeds hate, and that is what he clearly was embodying in his loud name calling and out burst of verbal abuse. Not proud of this moment on behalf of the greater gay community of Seattle. Have some class in the manner in the way you conduct yourself in a public forum Mama Tits. You got your 15 mins of fame at the cost of those that have fought in a professional legal manner for gay rights. We don't need your grandstanding to distract from the progress we have made.

Supportive anonymous.

Thanks for the very kind words and your support and compassion, but you need to be gently reminded that our sexuality isn't a choice and religious holy books are not our law book.

This is the USA, and anyone who forces their religious beliefs on others is as UN-patriotic as it gets.

That seems to be forgotten most often. 

This worthless fat man in makeup did NOTHING but merely priss by this guy and utter a few words. He could have easily decked that fat old guy in makeup. Looks like a CLOWN!

Worthless?  How about I bop you with your own book?

Matthew 7:1-5King James Version (KJV)

7 Judge not, that ye be not judged.

For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again.

And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother's eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?

Or how wilt thou say to thy brother, Let me pull out the mote out of thine eye; and, behold, a beam is in thine own eye?

Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother's eye.

ROFL. Leave it to you conservatwits to resort to violence. At least the drag queen was a better person in the respect that she could've beaten the guy down herself. But chose not to. People like you are the problem in this country. People like you are SCARED, because your way of life is no longer dominating OUR society. Like it or not, you have to share this country with the rest of us. And like it or not, society is being more accepting of US than it is of YOU.

Get over yourself, "Anonymouse" (and that IS an intentional misspelling).

You're an inspiration Mama Tits! I was moved to tears by this account of courage and love for your community.

Looking at these varied comments from Christians, the thought occurs to me; where in the testaments does Jesus say 'though shalt not sleep with someone of the same gender'? I've not studied the gospels closely but I don't recall any such phrase.

Interpretations of Christianity are just that, interpretations (Christians, please remember there were around 40 known gospels, many were left out, the bible is a fragmented account, written by men, about the history of religion, belief and spirituality). Also, I'm sure any self respecting Christian knows that the original Christians who formed a group after Jesus's death, were called the Essenes, they were healers, they had to live in hiding because of persecution and many were killed. Clearly they did not stomp about the Middle East angrily telling people how to have sex, they had better things to do, they spent their time healing the sick, and by their compassion they attracted people to their chosen way of spiritual practice

In my opinion, if you are a Christian, there's no reason to follow the rest of the bible other than gospels, didn't Jesus say something about not pouring new wine into new wine-skins, because why would you use old wine-skins for new wine?

Anyway, apart from that, I've been a supporter of the LGBT community for as long as I remember, just as I'm a supporter for any group of society who harm or attack no-one yet are victimised, marginalised or wilfully misunderstood purely for their gender, sexuality, race, ability, religion, age and so on. In my youth I explored my homosexual feelings with two women who were dear friends, I would have no hesitation in becoming involved with another women now were our feelings of attraction and love strong enough. It makes no difference to me if my chosen partner is male or female. Interacting with integrity love and compassion with those we have sex with, is a more worthy focus, surely?

Can you feel pride in being part of a society that causes deliberate pain to LGBT people? In the UK recently, a young gay teenager committed suicide following judgements about his sexuality. This judgement must stop if we're to heal and move forward together as a society

Happy PRIDE to all LGBT people!


Greetings Mama Tits!  Major respect to you from across the pond.  You made your stance against these bigots and certainly got them running.  It only takes one great person to stand up and confront them.  You are a shining light and we hope that your action reverberate around the World and inspire others to do the same.  We hope that you went on and had the PRIDE of your lives. So we send you our love and solidarity, keep up the great work.

Paul and Terry Nicholls-Whiteman - Brighton, England

I am a christian. However, what those christians did was ridiculous. Everyone has the right to chose their way of life. God gave us the right to chose. If the LGBT community wants to chose to be either L,G,B, or T, then so be it. We have no right to choose for them. There are biblical quotes about homosexuality in the bible, I have searched it myself. However, our greatest gift God gave us was the right to choose and that in itself should be enough for others to stop forcing views on anyone else. We should also accept other people's views as well. I have L, G, and B friends and I never tell them that it is wrong or in the bible. I embrace them and treat them like anyone else because they are not any different than a straight person. They have feelings and they need as much love as straight people too. You don't have to agree, but you should definitely accept. 

Your comments are completely misguided and offensive. You're a Christian and an idiot. Bigotry masquerading behind the "word of God" as usual. For once and for all you right wing morons BEING GAY/LESBIAN/TRANS IS NOT A CHOICE!!! How about you try turning yourself gay and see how that goes? Being a narrow minded bible thumper however IS a choice!

Um...WHAT?! This person is showing support and you rip them apart? How dare YOU! What an imbecile!

I am a Pagan, straight supporter of LGBT rights. I was there, very close to the stage and saw most of this confrontation. And I have to say my heart soared when Mama Tits got on her mic and started responding to these hate-filled, sad excuses for human beings. WOW, what a terrific moment of someone with true heart telling off these people. And the crowd loved it. And once they were gone, the joy came back and it was a terrific day. <3

I am a Christiannd though I do not agree with the lifestyle choice (which I might add is my choice and right) I do agree that many of us (I say us bc I am a christian) do not go about preaching the message properly. I will not stand with u in agreeance to the lifestyle choice but I will stand with u in saying hate is wrong in any form and it profits nothing. If we show more of God's love we can see how we must be also. If the signs read Jesus loves u and wants u I think the gay community would embrace christ more. That is all.

I am a Pagan and by MY right and choice I say go fuck yourself for not only ripping off half the shit I believe in to make your own religion out of but go fuck yourself for daring to judge another persons natural attraction to someone else. Want to know how many animals are totally ok with being gay? Oh, all of them, guess how many animals are against it?

I think some Christians would get along quite a bit further with the gay community if they did more outreach in practical ways, such as helping those who have aids, the homeless, etc.   Holding up angry signs does nothing but piss people off.  God loves everyone, regardless of where they are now, or what they did, or what they will do in the future.  Christianity is about finding one's identity in Christ, it is beyond your sexual identity or any other labels society or you want to put on yourself. 

Sadly. It alllll changes when money becomes involved. Signs and shouting are free..helping the sick or poor costs dollars and most won't go that far. Which tells you everything. Some seem to worry about some metaphysical soul..but will happily leave a human to suffer.

All I have to say is this. For those real people that claim up and down that they love GOD, they should know that GOD is love. So all these horrible HATE comments I see here under this video......that's not GOD at all. That is the DEVIL. GOD loves ALL of us.  He made us in his image. So any judging from those "True Christians" basically all that is is the DEVIL. When you truly learn to love as GOD wants you to love, you will not care if a man loves a man or if a woman loves a woman. You will care only about the peace an harmony of the Human Race. Happy Pride. =)

I agree. There is too much hate here. ON BOTH SIDES OF THE ARGUMENT. I am 19 and have been openly gay since I was 13. I also am a drag queen. Mamma tits, you rock! I hope some day i will be given the chance to do similarly. And as far as religion goes, everyone is on their own spiritual path. ALL religions are REAL, because of those who believe. I don't like the term worship. It makes me think of mindless and misguided drones. I am wiccan, and even I dont worship the god and goddess. I believe in them. The human mind is very strong. And words feed it. If you use negative words you become a magnet for negativity. Same goes for positive words. BTW, I agree with the person who caught the wizard of oz reference. As for drag queens being, what was the set of terms? "Cocheads, poor, trailor trash, psycopathic liars" correct me if I'm wrong. I am not any of said terms. I am working on my batchelor's degree in biology and planning on obtaining my master's degree in marine biology. I may be poorer than most but I don't share rent with 4 other people. I did spend 6 months in a trailor park. But that's because my mother had lost her job and that's all we could afford at the time. And most of the people i knew ther were the most hospitable people i had ever met. They would have gladly given ther shirts off of their backs if someone needed it. And the catholic comment was almost spot on. Now I am not condemning catholisicm in any way, but in the greek and roman eras homosexuality was a commonplace ocurance. And the native american tribes, one in particular the Sioux. Celebrated it. They held a huge ceremony before the colonists arrived and "christianized the savage" now this is all facts that can be found in a local library or online. Educated yourself before you pass "judgement" so to speak. And if you don't, then at least make it presentable and logical.

Typical fat, ugly drag queen with NO future, other than winding up in a smoke filled apartment at age 50, splitting the rent with 4 other fags. The drag life is about the worst there is, barely racking in enough income to pay for their makeup and wigs, while staying perpetually single, aside from the occasional -Drag-Hag that latches onto them.

Broke, alone and just plain MISERABLE is the way of the drag queen!

you pathetic do however seem to be speaking your words based on experience(personal).  I hope that a thousand as you put it, fat pathetic drag queens sit on you and show you what love is really about.  grow up asshole...

It really does amaze me that you don't even have the strength to say these words with your name behind them. Another typical internet troll....playing it safe behind a keyboard. Who are you to decide other peoples lives for them? All that SHOULD matter is that people are happy. Why take that away from someone? Because YOU are not happy??!! Pretty shitty reason to hate someone you've never met.

You know how pathetic you sound typing this from your parents basement?

What a repulsive, judgmental idiot you are - and dead wrong. First, She is beautiful because of her heart and her courage - period. Second, I know personally several drag queens - middle aged - who live very comfortable lives, working "normal" professional careers in the day time - one of whom has even opened home and heart to over 17 foster kids (not all at once! LOL) and is a greatly loved and respected person in our community. much hate.  You are exactly the type of person that she is talking about.  Drag queens dress like that because they are proud of their femininity and not ashamed to show it.  I applaud their actions and choices (not being homosexual...that's not a choice, that's just something that you are or are not).  It is you who should be ashamed, and obviously you are because you had to post your bile anonymously.

Hold the line, my friend.   Five years ago I voted against marriage equality in my state, but I now am proud to call myself an ally, because people like you lovingly challenged my beliefs.  Love will conquer the hate -- we just have to keep standing together and demanding to be heard.

No where in the bible does it say one sin is worse than another, and we are all sinners.

Did these hate filled protesters have a permit to march with the Gay Pride Parade? I don't think so. Why were the police telling the Drag Queen to let them pass so they could march and disrupt the parade? This doesn't make sense to me. They should have been thrown off the street for interfering with the real parade in my opinion.

Has the hetro community forgotten what happened  when they messed with the Gay Community at the Stone Wall?

I'm confused. This article didn't say anything about the protesters blocking the parade; in fact the drag queen said the police told HER to not impede the protesters. But most of the thread implies that the protesters were actually blocking the parade. What is the factual truth?

As far as I know, not even in Mexico, a very religious country, do we have those Christian trolls in gay parade. Seems that nobody taught them respect.

These people are so full of hate that they've forgotten how to truly love. Live and let live, love and let love

Contemporary religious superstitions are taking their last gasp of air and will soon find themselves keeping company with other ancient beliefs we now refer to as mythology.  The strength of religions has always arisen from their ability to control the information, and in turn, the message.  Without countervailing arguments, religions have made believers out of non-believers and kept the faithful content. 

But those days are over. The digital/information age has ushered in the unlimited and immediate access to reliable information. At the click of a mouse, one can learn the intricate details of the theory of evolution or fact check outrageous religious claims.  The curtain has been lifted exposing religions' logical inconsistencies.  While "faith" was enough to satisfy the curiosities of primitive Iron Age civilizations, today's generation demands facts. And that is something religions can never deliver

Scientist are now saying that they believe our universe is just one of many (a multi verse). Meaning our infinite universe isn't even close to what's out there. Of course, science is full of scientist that disagree, and show evidence that contradicts one another's claims. Orange juice is good for you yesterday, and bad for you today. They are now saying the universe may be far older than previously thought, even though they were so sure they had it pegged.. of course, that's the point here: science cannot prove anything about the beginning nor ending of the universe; it's all 'theory', as in not fact, or a guess. I think it's far more of an outrageous notion to believe this infinite universe came from one singularity, aka a black hole; something no one can explain how or why it came to existence to begin with. The redundancy is everywhere in our theories of existence. I 'choose' to believe in God; the creator. You are welcome to your choice as well. I see no reason to insult you or your beliefs, nor do I see any reason for you to insult me for mine.

I am a man of God; I am not without sin, and I have no place judging anyone. This fact lies true with all Christians; none of us 'should' judge anyone, nor discriminate against anyone. Those that are discriminating & judging are doing so 'outside' of the word of God. In fact, the bible clearly indicates as much. Matthew 7:1-5 “Judge not, that you be not judged. For with the judgment you pronounce you will be judged, and with the measure you use it will be measured to you. Why do you see the speck that is in your brother's eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye? Or how can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ when there is the log in your own eye? You hypocrite, first take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take the speck out of your brother's eye.” The reality is that we all sin, and that one is no greater than the other. It's hypocrisy to judge one for one sin, and yet ignore those of your own. James 2:10 “For whoever keeps the whole law and yet stumbles in one point, he has become guilty of all.” The new Testament (the testament all Christians 'should' follow) states to love one another, above all else. Not to hate or discriminate against one another. These rioters have it wrong; they have stumbled in the word. However, we all misstep, and I judge them no more than anyone else. I just hope people aren't mislead in the faith of Christianity; our message is that of love; not hate. That the Lord Jesus Christ died for all of our sins, so that we may live forevermore in the holy spirit. 1 John: 3:23: "And this is his commandment, that we should believe in the name of his Son Jesus Christ, and love one another, even as he gave us commandment"

I wish for a day where there is no LGBT community, and no straight community. Just the human community. I know its not gonna happen in my lifetime, or my kids lifetime but maybe in my grandkids? Its sad that people have to fight so hard against bigotry whether race, or gender preference, or religion. Life is way to short to spend hating or worrying about what others do. Live your life for you and your values. Stop hating others for wanting to do the same. Mama Tits, you go girl! Don't ever let anyone deny you your right to be who you are. They are just jealous of how fab you look in those heels and that dress...hell Im jealous lol.

Totally agree with your comments. She did look and sound great.  Elsewhere I read one person's fervent plea that someone needed to make an action figure of Mama repeating the line "Not today, Satan"  because she wanted one to honor the memory of Pride 2014 in Seattle.  I would buy one as well just to support Gay Pride. Mama T made me so proud of her actions.  She stood up to the hate and told them the truth. " Open your minds and we will welcome you. God is about love not hate"  Definitely Not Today Satan!  Hopefully not any more ever.  

Dear Mama Tits,

I'm inspired by who and what you were being in response to who and what you are not.

Thank you for being such a powerfully uplifting role model!


Kid Everywhere

I would like some of these religious fanatics to explain to me how a sexual preference affects ones worth as a human being.  I don't think it does.

What these guys always miss is that Jesus loves you. All of you.

I'm sure that god isn't too pleased with these bigoted people who throw his name around at every opportunity. The part of the bible that says "Thou shalt not take the name of the lord thy God in vain" kinda covers that. 

These are the same religious crazy people yelling at the Jehova's Witness kiosk (and School of the Arts Tacoma students) at the foot of the UW Tacoma grand staircase!  These guys use their grandma's handicap parking placard to park in handicap zones in front of my ALT. ART SUPPLY store "Tinkertopia"

I am not gay. I am completely Strait. But as a straight person, I have no ill will feelings towards anyone who is gay. I believe that its ok to be who you are, no matter who you are. God made us all different. If he didn't, there would be no point in being here on this earth. If anyone has harsh feelings towards anyone who is gay, they are not following what Jesus wants.. and are not being "christ like". Shame on anyone who doesn't respect and love everyone for who you are! I applaud you Momma tits! you are amazing! I'm proud of you! :D

Ok, so they follow a man who gave up his only son to take his place in suffering for our sins? Wow. I would never have gave up my only son to suffer for others in my belief. I would protect him and mold him to be strong free and open to the world he wants to create for himself. I don't want someone to suffer for the learning mistakes I make. That would be wrong. I would never learn from them and in turn I would be responsible for someone else's suffering. Wow. What to do? I know, I will do what makes me happy and makes me fulfilled. If someone is going to suffer for it then that's their choice, I never asked them too.

God is not a man (to clarify). God gave his son for you; to save you & every one of us here on Earth. Jesus didn't just die; he lived, and he'll live forevermore in the holy spirit. He gives us all that opportunity; to live beyond the flesh; beyond our lives here on Earth. What greater opportunity is there? But to be clear, I do not condone the actions of the rioters. They're clearly blinded; be it by hate, pride, and/or prejudice. They are picking and choosing parts of the bible that suit them, and passing judgment when they too are with sin. The bible states one sin is no greater than the next; they both break the law of the word. That said, it's hypocrisy for any man/woman to stand out and discriminate one person for one sin, while they commit another. The BEST way for a Christian to spread the word of God, is to lead by example (carry the light of God in your actions). You can't do that through anger, hate, or discrimination. There are two key factors in the NEW TESTAMENT (which is the testament all Christians follow): To recognize the lord Jesus Christ, and to love thy neighbor. It's spoken over a dozen times in the New Testament; above all else, 'love thy neighbor'. "this is his commandment, that we should believe in the name of his Son Jesus Christ, and love one another, even as he gave us commandment."

OK SO LET ME GET THIS STRAIGHT. (No pun intended) JESUS DIED FOR OUR 'SINS'.... He also rose from the dead! If he died for our sins, surely it's ok for us to sin... As it's already taken care of? Thanks Jesus. Cheers 

These are the same people who pick and choose what they want to see in the Bible. What a bunch of scared twits. 

Never let anyone get you down the hate comes from within themselves because they aren't happy. Continue being you and continue being fabulous. Love ya.

remarkable, there's only one way to stand up to hate and intolerance And that is as a united presence that loves and respects all mankind and celebrates our differences that make us human.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with being gay! As a straight woman I support the rights of those who have come out as gay and are strong enough to live in a world that is so unforgiving and blind to the fact that being gay is not a choice! How dare anyone sit there in post negative comments about a person based on there sexual preference just because it isn't the lifestyle they chose. Some of you ppl should be ashamed of yourselves! 

Something is not right with the USA to show this much hate towards the gay community.  This rarely happens in Canada !!!

LOL! And when it does, Canadian bigots can't spell so it is hard to take them seriously! In our community when we held our first ever Pride parade they lined the sidewalks of third ave. As we turned on that street you could hear the laughter begin at the front of the parade and ripple out as we passed what were pathetic and insignificant people. We had been so afraid, There had been threats neo-nazis were coming with guns and baseball bats.... and we paraded anyway. I swear the laughter did more to drive them away then anything.

this guy is a douche, seen him sladering his religious nonsense at the ferry line many times, him and his lil "cult". someone please rape him

you are part of the hate, please reconsider.  raping someone doesn't change who they are, killing them doesn't change who they were. sad that you have to live in that mind of yours, things really aren't that difficult, relax and enjoy and don't worry about what other folks are doing, worry about what you are doing

No one deserves to be raped... ever.

I have read all of this thread and it saddens me that some of our own community are so nasty.Sure the LGBT community are as diverse as our heterosexual counterparts and we all cant like the same people but lets not forget why we have gay pride marches in the first place.Gay pride was not born of a need to celebrate being gay,but our right to exist without persecution,and if  you are wondering why there is no Straight Pride movement,be thankful you don't need one.I am old enough to remember a different life for the LGBT community and I am  grateful to all those people who where activists and protesters who fought for a better place for us all.Here in the UK we have equal rights as a result of this.Incidentally we pay or drag queens handsomely to entertain us and we salute them for all of the charity work they do mostly for HIV/AIDS charities that wouldn't survive without them.Go Mamma Tits the UK salutes you.We don't hate or discriminate.

I wish the USA could grow in the ways that the UK has.

Massive respect to Mamma Tits. Confrontation isn't easy but she stood up for herself and all of us. I hope I have her guts if I'm ever in the situation.

More video of Mama Tit's response and the protesters.

This video is free for anyone to use, taken by me, at Seattle Pride 2014.

It's so sad and pathetic that these religious fanatics have nothing better to do than push thier extreme right wing hateful views on others by trying to disrupt a gay pride parade.  They need to get an effin life.  Glad we had some queens to stand up to those losers.

Mama tits acted correctly. This crap will always happen. Just look at the BS every MLK day. Idiots will be idiots and shouldn't be allowed to speak while grown folks are talking. 

Bravo !!!  Bravo !!!  It is hard to believe this still happens  especially since we were just coming off of a World Pride  bubble up here in Toronto.  But we all have to be vigilant.and stand our ground.  I listen and watch some of the shows I see on the CTS (the supposed "Christian" television Network).  I have notice an increase in US evangeical  christians attempting to re ignite  the words of  HATE in their counter parts up here. but I'll take my que form you Mama Tits and how you shut them down !!!!

Mama Tits ... From a grateful Aussie ... Sorry you had to go through that experience, but know that what you did that day was brave and has reached every corner of the world. Congratulations and thank you.

I'm a boring, white suburban 40-something who met Mama Tits a few years ago after a show at Julia's. Loved every minute of our conversation, and walked away knowing she'd be someone I'd never forget. This story doesn't surprise me at all, and in fact her ferocity at protecting the community just proves that true strength comes from being true to yourself. You go, Mama! Hate has no place in our world, all we can do is continue to counter it with conviction and love.

As a former fundamentalist who saw the light of being true to oneself I feel for these people. More than likely one or more are closeted like I was...I would confront them on that instead of making fun of them...and try to get the ones who are hiding to admit that they really need to just come out and stop hiding behind their religion.

YOU GO GIRL!!! I loved the finishing lines, "YOU HAVE NO POWER HERE. BE GONE BEFORE SOMEBODY DROPS A HOUSE ON YOU!!" Stylish, and in charge. I wish I had the opportunity to march with you. 

I HAVE SEEN THIS GUY! The one with the microphone. He has a habit of standing near the highway in Everett (just north of Seattle), talking all day with his bullhorn. 

I think I may possibly be the only person who is utterly amused that her name is mama tits....... *giggle* I love it , you go gurl! :D

A lesbian who LOVES tits... I as well giggled! ;)

Likewise! :D

People really need to realize their God would accept anyone and not hate like she said people die everyday from hate and this shows our world needs to change

"If you preach hate at the service those words aren't anointed that holy water you have been soaking in has been poisoned" -Macklemore.... This man is brilliant he speaks about hate he speaks about situations like this.. Choose love not hate.

Really?? Macklemore?? Sigh. That guy is a gimmick driven pawn who used our community to bolster his wack assed career. Way to be duped

The evolutionary thing about this story was that Mama Tits stood up for herself, and the people around her on a non violent way. She didn't even use degrading words, or profanity.  There is so much misunderstanding, of the LGBT community.  Misunderstanding turns into hate very easy. The only way to win this, is to help the misunderstood.  Teach, except, and SHOW the love the LBGT is trying to fight for. Hate will never win a fight about equality, and love. So instead of calling these people degrading names like brain washed fools, or "fucktards".  Show them the love, and acceptance we are all fighting for. That the only way we can win this fight is to react to hate like Mama Tits showed. 

Way to go! Mama Tits is my hero!

Mama Tits makes me proud!!!!! She is an amazing inspiration!! THANK YOU, MAMA TITS!!!!

"Standing nose to tits" hilarious, I am a straight as can be man. I attend the gay pride festivities yearly. I have many gay friends and am involved in the LGBT community! People are people and love is love. This pathetic fool is lucky I didn't see this because I would have smacked his ugly ass to the pavement. 

Really? great to know. Do you have black friends too? Or how about American friends or friends from Brazil? Really important to know that you're so important and have friends of different backgrounds, totally makes you authority. But your genius reply is to say how you would have (tried) to beet someone up? How about just shut up and let "Mama Tits" and other idiots like them deal with their psychological issues (psssst, mama tits is really a dude!).

You spelled beat like the vegetable. Was it a secret that mama tits has a certain kind of genital? Why should anyone who isn't sleeping with the person give half a beet. Go away little kid.

It's morons like you that are an embarrassment to out community. Even when someone tries to show support, all you can do is show hate. Go join the hateful bigoted christians, because it appears that you would fit in better with them.

oh shut up.

I love how this person is spewing words about not being hateful while hating on your post. In a non-discriminating, non-hateful community, and on a story that is about acceptance of a culture of wonderful people, any negative words are showing what kind of person you are. Whether it be about the story or about a comment on the story. If you can't be nice then go away and stop throwing your aggrivation at people who are just trying to be supportive to something that is important to them.

You go, Mama!
To the haters on the thread... *mute*
Ahhh... much better.

Way to go Mama Tits! Thank you for standing up to those morons! My new heroine!

Mama Tits- You are an inspiration!  Thank you for being you!

thank you very much!

there are plenty of Drag Queens who don't live the life described by the few folks here.

Who lead relatively "straight" lives away from the wigs, make-up and costumes. 

So get over it and stop pidgeon-holing people.

Drag queen and LGBT are proud people. And if you can't handle them or the backing they have then you need to stay silent. I myself am straight and im married but have MANY friends and family who are LGBT and I WOULDNT trade them for a million of the people who say they are there for GOD. Its bs that a HUMAN BEING the same person who also bleeds red (maybe with more sparkle) regardless who what they choose to be or how they choose to live is discriminated against. Makes me absolutely sick!

The Vatican achieves which is hidden from the public is full of contradictions about the bible. Contradictions that would disprove the entire book. That's why the company called the Catholic Church have hidden it them from public view. To make money from brainwashed morons like these fools.

Are you forgetting that the Catholic church is one of many sects of Christianity? These protestors are not Catholic. They never claimed to be Catholic. Hate and bigotry isn't Catholic. Hell, even the Bible itself isn't Catholic.
Why you're targeting the Catholic church as the root of all problems is beyond me, but this is ignorance at its finest. You're warping this to make this about your own agenda, instead of making it about the topic at hand, which is just plain wrong.

And to answer your question before you even go there, no, I'm not Catholic either. Far, far, far from it. But an accurate expression of religion, and tolerance of it as well, is something that gets to me. You're not being accurate, tolerant, or respectful. And that, my friend, is far worse of a situation than anything you've discussed thus far.
Trying to battle hate and intolerance, with hate and intolerance. Yeah...that is...not effective at all.

Where can you find the archives? I'm super interested! 

The ORIGINAL bibles were BURNED because the catholic church was trying to control everyone. There is NO proof to indicate that the bible that is read today is even remotely CLOSE to the bible of ages past. However there are PLENTY of supporting historical documents that show the sheer corruption in the catholic church and that they DID in fact burn the bibles.

Way to go mama tits! you make us so proud! 

Just had London Pride here in UK. They give a section on the side of the parade route to idiots groups like this so they are allowed to protest the fact that LGBT people have equal rights (mostly). They are ignored by the marchers, except for the odd middle finger in their direction. If they actively try to disrupt the parade like these jerks did, then the police can and will remove them.

Everyone has a right to voice their opinion, but I would argue that picketing an event like this is not the correct forum to make your anti views heard.

Who is the anonymous twat on this thread? Seriously, grow a pair... you've obviously never met a drag queen. Anyone of them will take your sorry ass out without even trying.

ALL drag queens have some hard luck, story of survival to tell, of how they grew up poor in a ghetto or trailer park and what a struggle it has been for them. Like a  Tina Turner saga. What is sad is that instead of improving themselves, they only perpetuate their miserable existence by doing drag which barely covers their wig and makeup costs. Is why all drag queens wind up at age 50, splitting 600 in rent with 4 other people, no car and looking old beyond their years, while working a day retail job at sephora. Tragedy perpetuating tragedy. The cycle NEVER ends with these epic losers with NO future.

"ALL" is a very strong, inaccurate term. I happen to be a drag queen who came by the art quite accidentally... I had purchased a home and wanted to do SOMETHING to help out my fellow man in my community. Surprisingly, I found my "niche" by doing drag. I have helped raise HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of dollars for organizations and individuals in need and have served on the Board of Directors of several non-profit organizations. I have traveled all over the West Coast raising money and I host a weekly drag show on a pro bono basis. I'm often in drag 3, 4, 5 nights a week helping out various charities. I do all of this while maintaining a full time job as an HR Professional ... and I have a Master's Degree... The queens I hang out with, know very well, and call family (and there are a LOT) are hard working individuals who are educated, work full time jobs, and give from their hearts! In my opinion: working on improving the lives of others through selflessness inherently results in improvement in oneself. I don't know from whence you hail, but it probably wouldn't be a total tragedy if you got out once in a while and looked outside your own box.

Nicely said!

What an ignorant fucktard you are!

Lol, I think this is the most spot-on internet comment I've read in years!!!!

Is this your personal story?  You sound like a pathetic loser. I know MANY drag queens that raise money for charity and are more of a man than you'll ever be and more of a woman than you'll ever get!

Denver, don't quote Angel from RENT and think you're clever. You don't know anything about anyone on this forum, friend. So don't just make it up to suit your hate. Peace to all.


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