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Seattle Police Department Investigate Possible Hate Crime Assualt

Seattle police are investigating an alleged "gay bashing" that took place in the city's LGBT neighborhood early Monday morning. 

Slog reports:

Just after midnight today, Seattle police responded to an assault call in the Starbucks parking lot on Olive Way and found a victim with a broken nose. The victim of the alleged assault, according to his housemate Michael Sullivan, was Jason Jacobs, who is pictured at left. The SPD blotter has a short post up on the incident; The Stranger has also obtained the narrative submitted by the officer who responded to the call.

Whoever called police to the scene didn't see what was happening, but said they "heard a loud argument," according to the narrative report. When police arrived, 37-year-old Jacobs was "bleeding heavily from his nose," and told officers that he had been walking home "when three males and two females began walking with him," near East Olive Way and East Denny Way. He told police that "they began calling him a 'faggot,'" according to the report. Then, he reported, "the group chased after him... caught him... and began punching him repeatedly and knocked him to the ground." The suspects, described on the blotter as two white females and three white males, were last seen heading north on Summit Avenue and were not apprehended. The blotter also notes that Jacobs "had been drinking and could only provide the vaguest of descriptions for the suspects." What appears to be a second witness "observed two males chase [Jacobs] across E Olive Wy near Starbucks to the park at Summit Ave E and E John St" but "did not witness the assault."

Jacobs was taken to nearby Harborview Hospital to be treated for a broken nose, facial lacerations, and an injured knee. 


I doubt this guy's story. I think he was beaten for acting like a drunken jerk. Nothing about homophobia. Look up the trouble he caused on the Great Wheel in Seattle last year, and he tried to blame that one on homophobia too.

My warmest wishes go out to Jacob.  I hope that you make a speedy recovery, and that the police apprehend those that perpetrated this attack.  There is no reason for such thing to go on.

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