See 2017's Top Five Hottest Gay Scenes in Film and TV

The prevalence of gay characters in television and film is on the rise, and if you have any doubt, just check out all of these gorgeous actors getting down and dirty on screen as gay characters! We have the Top Five Hottest Gay Scenes of 2017 right here, and they truly do not disappoint. Gone are the days of awkward token gay smooching bookended by minutes of crying and self-reflection. This year's fellas are both plentiful and down. to. clown. and I personally think it's about time.

While this sentiment may seem, and actually literally is, contrary to my praise of Call Me By Your Name's relatively tame sexual content, I like to differentiate specifically gay movies that one would find in indie theaters or buried under the LGBTQ section of streaming service from mainstream fare. The latter is where gay sexuality is lacking. General audiences should accept gay couples as more than asexual Berts and Ernies, or for a more Modern reference, Cams and Mitches. Sorry 'bout it. Over half of the titles on this list were televised on major networks, and I'm so into it! 

On to the homosensuality. At number five on the list of the Hottest Gay Scenes of 2017 (NSFW link below) you can see a mature man meat maul fest in a public restroom in the foreign flick Nobody's Watching. At number four it's a, as they say in the biz, ass to mouth scene, with Jake Weary and Andy Favreau on Animal Kingdom, and then at number three it's Colton Haynes and Evan Peters in American Horror Story. The fact that I'm surprised that a gay actor is playing a gay character means that we might still have a ways to go in the biz. 

Moving on, the hyped and a half gay coming-of-age story Beach Rats features the stunning Harris Dickinson's amazing body during multiple gay encounters, but his romp with Douglas Everett Davis steals the show. At number one it's the groundbreaking television special Man in an Orange Shirt, which was part of BBC Two's celebration of Gay Pride Month. The scene features stunners Julian Morris and Phil Dunster, and yeah, you're in for a treat. Do you agree with this list? Let us know in the comments!

Head HERE (site NSFW) for the scenes.