See The Top Five Hottest Butt Scenes Of 2017!

If you're a butt guy then 2017 was definitely your year, because A-list superstars and sassy ingénues alike took a CRACK at nudity, and the results are as mouth-watering as you would imagine! Big and small screens increasingly feature the male physique as studios catch on that, shocker, man butts are where it's at.

Kicking off the list of the Top Five Hottest Butt Scenes Of 2017 are hotties with botties Alex Russell, Joel Jackson, and Harry Potter himself, Daniel Radcliffe, in the Help-I'm-A-Celebrity-Get-Me-Out-Of-Here drama Jungle. Next it's everyone's favorite should-be James Bond Idris Elba in 100 Streets, followed by Richard Madden and his gloriously jiggly tush on the Amazon pilot Oasis. The number two spot goes to Alan Ritchson and his massive fuzzy rump on Blood Drive, and coming in at number one it's the gorgeous and frequently nude actor Jay Ellis on the hit HBO series Insecure. Are you feeling this list, or are some of your favorite butts from 2017 missing? Let us know in the comments!

Head HERE (site NSFW) for the uncensored scenes 



Steve Grand's muscle butt!

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