See The Top Five Hottest Full Frontal Scenes Of 2017

Oh, hey 2018! While just a week into our relationship you're already a step up from my last boo, 2017, you will have quite a lot to live up to in one insanely specific but also insanely important category - frontal male nudity in movies and television! 2017 was a great year for celebrity derrière and an excellent year for celebrity gay scenes, but a look at the year of full frontal in review might just take the cake! 

The frequency of men showing off the goods in movies and television is catching up to that of women's frontal shenanigans. But in addition to the sheer number of peenies and ballsies we saw in 2017, the context under which actors are stripping down is changing. Mostly, it doesn't necessarily sexualize the male form as much as it does accept it as a part of our everyday world. In her Hulu original series America, I Love You, funnywoman Sarah Silverman features a stark naked audience member - as well as a close up of his privates - as more of a commentary on censorship and modesty than as a sensual thrill ride. Although... sensual thrill ride ahead. 

The Chicago-set Netflix series Easy was one of the very rare shows to suggest that men can have peens that are anything besides aggressively flaccid, even while getting down and dirt-ay in the sac. The year's hottest scene - Morgan Spector in Spit - just proves that, yeah, frontal scenes are neat. Check out the top five hottest frontal scenes of 2017 below and head to the comments to let us know who 2018 needs to feature in order to compete! 

Head HERE (site NSFW) for the uncensored list