Seeing Double: Alec Baldwin Plays Donald Trump & Bill O'Reilly On SNL

In one of the funniest skits from last night's SNL, Alec Baldwin played Fox News host Bill O'Reilly, and staunch Bill O'Reilly supporter, Donald Trump.

Deadline reports:

Is it too much to suspect he’s been dreaming of this for a long, long while? Alec Baldwin skewered Fox News Channel’s Bill O’Reilly on NBC’s Saturday Night Live last night, and he did it with Donald Trump’s help. Playing both roles in a split-screen O’Reilly Factor interview parody, Baldwin had smarm, arrogance and pomposity oozing from both sides. A week after reports presented Fox’s Papa Bear as a serial sexual harasser willing to spend millions to settle with his accusers, SNL and Baldwin gave no quarter.

Baldwin also played Trump in the show's cold open:

H/T: Joe My God