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Sen. John McCain: 'ENDA Could Lead To Reverse Discrimination & Quotas'

We're guessing Republican Sen. John McCain didn't take his wife Cindy's petition for him to support ENDA to heart. 

The Senator continues to express concerns about the risks of passing the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, which would prevent workplace discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity.  

The Huffington Post writes:

When asked what lingering concerns he had about backing ENDA, McCain replied, "Whether it imposes quotas, whether it has reverse discrimination, whether it has the kinds of provisions that really preserve equal rights for all citizens or, like for example, busing. Busing was done in the name of equality. Busing was a failure. Quotas were a failure. A lot of people thought they were solutions. They weren't. They bred problems."

Polls show that a majority of Americans support making it illegal to fire LGBT individuals, and young voters -- including Republicans -- are more supportive of gay rights than older voters.

Yet McCain insisted young people would share his concerns about the legislation.

"I think the young people know we do not need reverse discrimination, they don't believe in quotas and they don't believe in some of the programs we saw in the name of racial equality implemented in the past which turned out to be counterproductive," he said. "Ask people in Boston if busing turned out to be a good idea."

We get that McCain's using busing as an analogy, but it's flawed to say the least. ENDA doesn't impose a quota system on hiring LGBT employees; it simply protects them from being fired or not hired on the basis of their LGBT status. 

What's your take on his comments and "concerns," Instincters?


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What the heck does "busing" have to do with firing someone because they're gay? His analogy is comparing  apples to oranges. He's just trying to sway people from doing the right thing. It's a bunch of mumbo-jumbo garbage. Because of his political clout maybe some people will be swayed. But they won't understand why. It makes no sense.

My concern here is that McCain is losing it.  As you say, ENDA has little or nothing to do with busing, and there would be no quota system.

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