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Seth Rogen Admits To Pleasuring Himself To RuPaul

Looks like we're not the only ones falling for RuPaul's fierce charm and beauty! 

Check out the love fest that transpired on Twitter between RuPaul and Seth Rogen after the diva included Rogen's film This Is The End in her Top Ten Films of 2013.

Rogen conveyed his thanks with a surprising admission (but not that surprising because look at RuPaul!!): 

Werk, indeed!!


Image Source (H/T: PopBytes)


This is such a lie. He was KIDDING people.

Rupaul is clearly a man in drag, and out of drag he is a 60 YEAR OLD TROLL!!

You are cruel and mean. When you reach RP's age and look 1/8th as good, you shall be so lucky. 

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