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"Sexy Felon" Jeremy Meeks Gives Interview After Becoming Internet Sensation, Wife Is Furious

The first pen-pal we've had since 6th grade has reacted to becoming an Internet sensation last week in a new interview with ABC News. Jeremy Meeks said that he learned from his wife that his mugshot had turned into a meme, with many fans Photoshopping his mug into fashion ads for Calvin Klein and Polo. 

"I appreciate that," Meeks told ABC, "but I just want them to know, this isn't really me.  I'm not some kingpin."

His wife doesn't appreciate it, though. 

"She's upset. She's furious," Meeks' friend Simone Johnson CBS Sacremento. "Her man's in there, and people are taking it as a joke."

Police were also quick to remind swooning admirers that Meeks is a felon (who apparently doesn't deserve love?) who also served time for a 2002 grand theft conviction. But his family says that he's since turned his life around and devoted himself to his wife and kids. That's enough for most of the Internet, apparently. 

"He's a man who learns from his mistakes," the heartthrob's brother said. "He got out of being incarcerated and put his mind on focus to his family and started doing what he had to do." 

Until Friday, at least, when Meeks was arraigned on 11 felony counts, two days after his mugshot went viral. His bail has been raised to $1 million, and he's due back in court later this week. 

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(Source: ABC News; NYDN)



Anonymous is a loser! I cant believe someone can post something so ridiculous and disgusting. After reading all the threads its sad that the focus has been changed from this guys poor choices and misfortunes to ignorance posted by a racist. Smh

11 million dollar bail? WTF did he do? Rob the Whitehouse?

Whats the story??

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To quote Jim Carey from Liar Liar, "Stop breaking the law a$$hole!"

I don't believe that anyone has said or is saying that he's a good guy or a great catch. They have been admiring his looks, not his actions.

It's amazing how so many individuals misinterpretation can distort what is actually happening.

Could it be that too many people are wasting more time judging others instead of trying to make changes for the better and concentrating on what is really important?

Just sayin' is all..... :) <3

Well to me, it sounds like you're judging the judgers. And now I'm judging you, judging the judgers. I wish people would just acknowledge that as people, we are all judgemental and stop complaining about people being that way, as it as human as breathing air. 

It happens all the time in politics.  Put on a suit, be white or fair skinned, appeal to the masses with words that create empathy and you're in.  I hope he uses this opportunity to change his direction.  There are so many other choices out there that either he did not see or just ignored.

It's not really a misinterpretation when you have thousands of people donating money to free him from jail and stating that he's innocent based on his looks. That, my friend is condoning his actions. The bottom line is that he is a felon in possession of several guns which felons are not to have in their possession. Admiring him in that type of spotlight is wrong. Admire someone who served our country not a man who is a convicted felon.


There is a whoooooooooole lot of hate speech and ignorance in this thread over one of many hot bad boys in the world.  Seems like everyone here needs a cold shower for one reason or another.

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And now you have the nerve to call someone a nigger? Fuckin bullies. Just because this guy had the misfortune to become "famous", just because he is pretty. Does not give anybody the fuckin right to use that damn word. 

And i cant believe that the people at instinct would allow this kind of bullshit to be posted!! 

Very well said!  And isn't it something how most of the idiots post as "anonymous" because they lack the balls to post a real name?  They are pathetic...

No matter were you go in this world London, South Africa, America  ALL blacks behave like ruthless, sorry baboons from the jungle, as this is exactly were we brought them from.

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While he is mixed, I bet you are just jealous because he looks better than you and his eyes are probably bluer then yours.  He is probably whiter than you; anyway, it takes a baboon to know one!

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Were.  Seems like you're the one from the Jungle, can't Spell.

He is a convicted felon, therefore making it a crime to posses weapons.
He was reportedly arrested with multiple guns including an assault rifle

If ONLY pretty boy Meeks had realized he could be a SUPERSTAR MALE model BEFORE he went and f'd up his life with crime!!!!! SMH.....ANOTHER SAD TRAGIC story about a black man wasting his life!!!!!!

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There is a $1,000,000.00 bail on him, which I am sure is worth a lot more than you!

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Sir, I'm not sure why do you have so much hate in your heart. But I hope you know that the same God that created you, created everyone else. Now, you can live your life as an angry individual that have no meaning in this world, or you can choose to make a difference by being a positive example. The one that someone could really look up to; I pray that the Lord may touch your heart in veriest ways, and that you also allow him to come into your heart so that you may finally find true peace.

Hi Believer of Christ,

Boy you sure are nice.  Fuck him!  Tell him the truth!  He is in America and am sure has had a lot of exposure to the love of God.  If he wanted to love and promote peace, he would have done it already.  Just call it like we see it;

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He is Hot!, but Michael on Daily Buzz is absolutely drop dead grogeous and isn't a Bad Boy Type.  He's so much more than this Guy...  Check out the Daily Buzz and you will see...


Yay it's repeat offender day

Sadly, this man has hurt a lot of people. He has been arrested before, for very serious charges. 

I will not partake in any more comment threads about him. 

But you just did. May be this is what he needs to turn his life around 

..Oh my god, some of these comments are embarrassing for the gay community.. 

Just be nice, and do the right thing in life. Sad that a convicted felon is being praised so much. Such the WRONG message! So sad. 

I'm guessing/hoping most of them are not from the gay community.

Girlfriend it's time for you to lay down... I got your number hussie


Maybe it’s me, maybe I am just a mother with a very different set of values or I see the world through a different set of eyes. I understand that the World has been very taken by Mr. Meeks and his mass appeal. Usually we didn’t look twice at felons when they flashed on the news, we just looked at them as some sort of underbelly, something that you didn’t want to become, the stuff that you warned your children not to become. We never idolized felons, who makes a movement of hashtags to say that this man that we don’t even know makes our panties wet? I don’t know this man, and these women whose self-esteem sag on nothingness does not speak for me. I tend to like my men with character, jobs, moral, sense of self, sense of family, the ability to learn from mistakes. Credit worthiness, college degrees ambition, a future that we can both see ourselves going down. A man who when he looks at his children he can tell them he will be there for them, he will not be someone’s toy in prison, that he can look at his children promise them a life without bars.  Well that’s what I like in men, I can’t speak for Mr. Meek’s significant other, and obviously her standards are a lot lower as is his 40,000 member fan club!

As for her being upset with the internet for making memes about her husband, I find this hilarious, freaking hilarious. Her statements are hilarious, “there is a man behind these memes”. No mam’, there are people behind your husband’s crimes! That is what I find upsetting and that is what the justice system will let you see. They allowed you the privilege to have your pretty “boy” husband back home after two years of free accommodations courtesy the “wet panties” of the tax payers, yet he didn’t learn. Even though you and his mother strain to tell us his Love of the Lord. It is funny that you are upset at the memes and not upset that your husband is in a gang, that your husband is a felon, that your husband at any moment could leave your babies orphaned, or you a widow. That at any moment a rival gang could rush into your home and rape and rob you, but maybe you are too hardcore to be upset by that, who am I to “judge”.

The fact that you are upset by memes and not that your babies daddy walks around with guns in a car that they ride in is a cry and same at the mother that you are and a shame that we as a country, that we need licenses to hunt, to drive, but we let animals make babies to grow up in these environments in a perpetual cycle of hopelessness and despair…. But I am sure as “pretty boy Meeks” gets shipped off a new daddy will take his place and I will fund your food stamps until you get on your feet, while I pay for him for the rest of his pretty accommodations for life.

You my friend, it’s not too late to make smarter choices for the sake of your children, and allow pretty boy to be beautiful in jail. I’m sure he will do just fine… most boys like him will get taken care of for the long haul. 

Well a lot of what you say is true, there is a certain understanding that the criminals of the United States have been classic anti-heroes in the eyes of the mass media for a long time. The entire rap movement that came up out of these cycles of hopeless poverty, crime and gangs has been romanticized for decades now. It's nothing new. There is also a certain, undeniable quality in humankind to like pretty, shiny things. Did you plan on having children with every guy you ever wanted to sleep with?

Seems like you mistake love for lust, and vuce versa.

Learn to spell... it's vice versa noob. Hahaha. Now let the flames begin.

your comment is tooooo damn long. just shut the fuck up. hes gorgeous and you know it!!

She was well spoken and respectful with her reply. So, her comment (whether you or I or anyone else agrees with it or not) will be respected and valued, much more than a comment from a person who publicly tells strangers to stfu. Rude. And shallow. 

We need to be kinder to each other. I love seeing respectful and open-hearted comments, especially in our already oppressed LGBT community. Love, respect and kindness to all ~ Even online where your dropped words can hurt someone more than you can imagine. 

I appreciate your comment.. rudeness only encourages rudness!! :) 

Although he has handsome facial features, let's face it. He's no "prize" for anyone.  Too bad.

The teardrop tattoo or tear tattoo is a symbolic tattoo that is placed underneath the eye. The tattoo can have several meanings, including signifying the number of years spent in prison, the number of times they were raped while incarcerated, or the fact that the wearer has killed someone.

The number of times raped in prison?

Did you even read that after you typed/copied it?

Who the hell would advertise that?  Plus, there likely wouldn't be enough face for it!  Wikipedia is editable by almost anybody.  It is not to be cited as an authority.

It symbolizes the number of murders.  That's it.  Anybody using it for anything else is likely to become a statistic themselves.

It stated forcibly tattooed. I didn't cite anything as authority. I simply posted some information I found and gave the source. 

Ugh, I can't believe I was drawn into commenting on this.

Yes, he is sexy.

He is also a violent criminal who has apparently killed at least one person.

We need to stop giving this attention when there are so many more worthwhile in the world.

This is what sickens me about society. Let the poor man do his time in peace and his family can live their lives in peace as well.

Poor man? he is a violent criminal. Im guessing if it was one of your loved ones that he victimized or killed you would have a much different comment. What a fucking joke

Exactly. People's propensity for getting inside other people's lives can be downright hypocritical and insane.

Perfecto this will stop all the "fans" from bail him out, and put and OBVIOUS bad person back again on the street! 

OMG!!! Leave it to the media to dig up his old photos and girlfriends/boyfriends from years ago! He is freaking hot and just because we want to ravish his gorgeous body does not mean we want to take him home to momma!

That's eleven... Fucking read.

WOW 1 MILLION? maybe allll these attention didnt help him at alllllllllllllllll

His bail is set at 1 million? A bit much for a felon?

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