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Sexy Mer-Men Dry Off In Magazine Spread

Mer-culture is out front and open thanks to TLC's recent spotlight on Eric, a mer-man profiled on an episode of My Crazy Obsession. Inspired by Eric and the episode, Dis Magazine sought to explore the allure of mer-men in a fashion spread shot in a shipping room, it looks like? 

In case you missed it, here's the TLC segment that inspired it all, courtesy of GailyGrind:




its kind of cool and kind of odd all at the same time o.0

Well for starters this is offensive. It has started way before him. He just brought it to the surface. He is also not one of the friendliest mertailors (people who make mertails). 

my husband and I want tails

He's a merman surely? But if wants to be a mermaid, it's his life! And who is he hurting. This world takes all sorts to make it complete and people that are derogatory, should stop and think about their own lives!

He's being him and being free. Love it. :)

The owner is a jerk!

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