Shawn Mendes Admits To Wanting THIS Gay Role


Well Simon, you don't say. Singer-songwriting sensation Shawn Mendes is mostly known for his music, but if his schedule was a little different, he might have been known as the star of the year's breakout gay hit teen dramedy, Love, Simon. While chatting with Elvis Duran, the nineteen-year-old Mendes gushed about the movie - starring Nick Robinson as the lead Mendes would have potentially played - and admitted that the role was indeed on his radar:

Unfortunately, timing didn’t work out, but that would’ve been amazing.

“It’s an incredible movie…Nick just did an incredible job. It was amazing…except for the fact that [when I watched it], I was freaking out over the release of ‘In My Blood’.



The role of a gay teen exploring his sexual identity would have been a perfect fit for Mendes because... he's... also... a teen. Seriously, this guy is insanely talented and sweet to boot, and considering many of his fans would pay twelve dollars just to see him sit in a chair for an hour and a half, I imagine he'd do quite well as an actor! Would you have watched Love, Simon if it featured Mendes instead of Robinson, or did Robinson make the movie?