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Shirtless Canadian Ginger Stud Plunges Into Frozen Lake

We weren't familiar with Canadian ginger stud Captain Quinn before, but his penchant for stripping down (and apparently jumping into frozen lakes??) pretty much assures that he'll have our attention!

After being challenged to jump into a frozen lake by his friend Rick, Quinn sets out to do just that in frigid British Columbia!


At least he's properly attired.

Mission accomplished! 

Time to cuddle for warmth??


(H/T: Towleroad)


That's a good-looking man.

Okay, this dude is crazy . . . But delightful! 

now this is a grizzly adams I can wrap my hands around

I hate Ginger people... They're so HOT... Why cant I find one in my life... Hahaha

Every good Boy Scout knows how to treat hypothermia. ;-)

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