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Shirtless Frat Boys Show Off Their Winter "Roar"

It needs to snow more in the South, if this is how frat boys at the University of Arkansas treat the rare weather event:





I just have 4 words to say...boy in towel yum!!!!!  :)

Nice to see some very good looking young guys having fun themselves and providing entertainment. Sign 'em up I say and Happy Christmas to them and all.

That was cute... the guy flipping the grill cheese needed a take 2 though...

Cute group of guys... Didn't look like a bunch of snotty pricks... 

Plus they had a lot of fun it seems

love snow like that. I want a bunch of snow here in KY... 

That was some good hot funn, LOL.  & VERY KEWL TOO!!  :p

Fayetteville, Arkansas isn't exactly "the south."  They actually get quite a bit of snow.

too cute i wish I was there in person to see that :)

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