Shirtless Magician Darcy Oake Escapes Bear Trap On 'Britain's Got Talent'

​We certainly don't mind that hottie magician Darcy Oake's latest death defying stunt left him shirtless! 

The illusionist (and escape artist??) performed a pretty tension filled exploit on the finale of Britain's Got Talent when he avoided being crushed--not to mention sliced and diced--by a bear trap. (And let's not forget that whole shirtless thing!)

Check it out!

Darcy ultimately placed fifth in the competition, but not before being scooped up by massive talent agency, Creative Artists Agency (CAA). We're sure we'll be seeing more of him!!


(H/T: The Gaily Grind)


The rope would never have released the trap. the weight from his body on the bar kept the trap open, its only when he took his weight off the bar it would slowly close. Watch the bar his feet were hooked on when he falls. You see it slowly move up releasing the Bear trap... Also if u see the jacket when their fastening it at the start, its ripped near the front which would give him more wiggle room. Boreeeee

He wouldn't have escaped my bear trap. It's true, that wasn't a regulation straight jacket, but fun to watch.

I got a bear trap for him!

We seen Him here in The USA on last years AGT. its a Old act done by the same guy.

Seen? You seen him? Please refrain from representing America until you can form grammatically correct sentences. Try to work on capitalization and proper use of upper case letters also. 

Bite Me!

That's one ugly mess under his t-shirt. He's got a pretty face though. 

He's awfl'y pretty.  Wouldn't mind watching some more of him...for the magic show as well...really.  He's certainly nice to look at.

Slow down the video and look at the huge bulge in his pants. Huge!

"Straight" jacket. Haha ;-)

Hi-5. Good one

Damn Jaybee, what a buzz kill....

That wasn't a regulation straight jacket, it had nothing keeping it on. Regulation requires a strap between the legs so the patient can't simply lift his hands over his head and remove the jacket. Also there was no tension in the "bear trap" so if he didn't get off in time he would have had some bruising and maybe a scratch. Cheap trick, but a hot body I guess.

Bitter queen... enjoy the show.

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