Shirtless Mark Wahlberg Flexes In The Mirror, Shows Off Ripped Physique

Mark Wahlberg is 46-years-old, and in peak form!

Earlier today, the actor/producer shared a video in which he flexes his muscles, while making a creatine shake.

And though we keep trying to focus on what he's saying, each time we watch the video, we find ourselves distracted by that ripped body of his!

Have a look:



4:20am. Done with workout! @performinspired #PerformanceInspiredNutrition #BCAA #Creatine #thermogenicprotein #ZMA

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Wahlberg currently stars in the holiday comedy, Daddy's Home 2

ICYMI, click HERE to see the former model work that Calvin Klein runway, back in the 90s.



Didn't he once express homophobic views...?

A lot of muscle, almost to compete in bodybuilding, but he needs to make his neck and traps more muscular to match the rest of the body.

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